‘Revenge’ Season Finale Recap and Review: Mission Accomplished?

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TV ads for the "Revenge" Season 1 finale suggested big excitement and shocking moments were to be had, and the final episode delivered in spades making it one of the most intense finales this season. 

Vacation has ended for the characters, and the Hamptons became a snowy, barren backdrop for disaster when Emily nearly lost everything. As usual, Nolan gave her a lifeline.

Emily's Revenge

Emily rescued Nolan and confronted the White-Haired Man, but memories of her father stopped her from killing him. Bruised and battered, she and Nolan celebrated their victory as the evidence headed to D.C. She completed her quest and wanted to tell Jack the truth. She went to see him, but he was with a very pregnant Amanda.


Like Father, Like Son

Daniel's intense confrontations and break up with Emily revealed a frightening dark side. His attempt to hide the David Clarke evidence made him seem as cold and immoral as his father. However, his argument with Victoria hinted at misguided altruistic intentions. He emphasized the importance of protecting the family and urged Victoria to consider how her testimony against Conrad would affect Charlotte.

Conrad seemed genuinely protective when he confronted the White-Haired Man. Did the worrisome expressions after his failed warnings to Lydia and Victoria reflect concern for their safety instead of his self-preservation? His collection of evidence protected them from the unknown co-conspirators, who have a history of eliminating any threats. Perhaps the two Grayson men are not as cruel and selfish as they seem. 


Ashley's Power Play

Ashley pounced on the newly single Daniel and shared a drink with the recovering alcoholic. She clearly has plans and, like Tyler, may be unstable and lethal. How did Victoria let so many threats into her inner sanctum?

Queen Victoria's Fall

Driven by the belief that Conrad was responsible for Clarke's murder, Victoria decided to testify against him and convinced Lydia to join her. Victoria had an awkward goodbye scene with Charlotte and reminded her that she was only a phone call away.

Florence and the Machine's "Seven Devils" played as Victoria boarded the plane and the White-Haired Man, dressed as airport staff, fumbled with something beneath the plane. Later, a news reporter said the plane exploded and named her as one of the dead passengers.

Did Victoria really die? Was the plane ride a ploy to lure the White-Haired Man or his cohorts? Her farewell conversations with her family and final confrontation with Emily made it seem like she planned to go into hiding.

Her Mother's Daughter

Like her manipulative mother and unknown half-sister, Charlotte icily planned revenge. She found dirt on Declan's new gal pal and shared it with the entire school. Retribution was hollow and further alienated him. When she saw news of her mother's death, she desperately tried to talk to Declan. He rejected her, and the episode ended with her sprawled across the bed, surrounded by pills.

The Twist

Devastated by the precious evidence lost in the plane crash, Emily wept before Nolan came to her rescue, again. He revealed a copy of the encrypted hard drive and said her mother was alive. Once again, Emily's eyes filled with fiery determination.

The White-Haired Man made an errant comment about Emily's mother. It worked as an insult to her father, but could mean he knows her mother. Who is the mystery woman? What kept her in hiding while Emily lived as an orphan? The unending web of lies and mystery are as twisted as the infinity symbol.

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