'Revenge' Star Previews Worrisome Wedding

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'Revenge' Star Previews Worrisome Wedding

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'Revenge' Star Previews Worrisome Wedding

At its core, Revenge is about the ties that bind, and on Sunday's all-new episode one of those knots gets tightened when Conrad and Victoria get re-married; a ceremony that furthers their individual agendas as much as it does ensure Grayson Global's future.

In anticipation of the big I Do, TheInsider.com caught up with Henry Czerny to talk about season two and found out that Conrad and Victoria's War of the Ruses is only beginning!

TheInsider.com: What have you thought about season two so far?
Henry Czerny: I think the writing is better, I think we've settled into our characters more deeply, there are fewer parties going on, more intrigue and I think people around the world are getting a big kick watching the elite constantly fall apart from the inside. It seems to be a very attractive thing to people.

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Insider.com: That's true. In the beginning it kind of seemed like Emily would be The Grayson's biggest obstacle, but in reality, Conrad and Victoria are each other's own worst enemies.
Henry: Yeah, I think Conrad and Victoria feed off each other; it's the most dysfunctional and enabling relationship on TV right now. Emily's poking around only stokes the embers, turning them to flames.

Insider.com: When I interviewed Christa B. Allen, she said that Victoria has goodness in her, while Conrad is just a sick mess. What do you think about that?
Henry: I think that's a woman’s perspective [laughs]. I like to think that Conrad is as evil as you need to believe he is. No one could play a character assuming they're evil. People don't wake up in the morning thinking that about themselves, so obviously I view Conrad as a man who sees himself doing something useful. Conrad has a hard time recognizing what he feels he has to do to maintain his kingdom, but, again, he is a product of that society. When I was doing research on The Hamptons, I realized that these people, who were going to parties together, were also constantly suing one another. Even though they're shaking hands, their employees are battling it out in courts at the same time. That's the environment they're in, and if you're not willing to play that game, you best move out of town pretty darn quick.

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Insider.com: Why do you think Conrad agreed to re-marry Victoria?
Henry: I think it's a matter of keeping your enemies close, frankly. Also, I think Conrad enjoys the game on a masochistic level. As a businessman of that ilk, I think you have to enjoy the battles you're in, otherwise you'd disintegrate. You have to enjoy getting smacked because it provides you with the energy to smack back harder. I think he wants to play with Victoria a little bit more, be played by Victoria and overcome that.

Insider.com: I'd imagine this wedding night, however, will be sent in separate beds behind locked doors?
Henry: Although if you lock the bedroom to the door at night, you take away the possibility of an altercation. Once you start locking your door, you've kind of given up. You've admitted you're afraid. I think Conrad is always trying to present himself as something that is strong, unflappable and has profound security.

Insider.com: While not worried, Conrad and Victoria definitely seem concerned about The Initiative. You're filming episode 10 right now, is the organizations goal any more clear by that point?
Henry: Episode 10 is the beginning of illuminating The Initiative a little bit. Although for the foreseeable future, The Initiative will remain an entity we're not too clear about. Obviously they have the means to poke around anywhere they want and with something that far reaching and insidious, it's pretty difficult to get strong footing against it. At some point, Victoria will go toe-to-toe with The Initiative, but for now, we won't be able to pin them down and I think the writers want to keep it that way.

Insider.com: In the interim, everyone seems to be worried about the reutrn of Emily's mom, Kara -- why?
Henry: Kara is an unhinged character. Always has been, as we've alluded to with the flashbacks. No one is really sure about Kara. When she comes back, it's like someone has unsheathed an electric knife that has a mind of its own. You don't know what it's going to do next, so you can't grab it safely.

Revenge airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on ABC.

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