‘Revolution’ midseason finale recap: Miles and Monroe face off!

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The "Revolution" episode "Nobody's Fault But Mine" is the last episode of the series to air this year. The series will return March 25.

The episode opens with a barrage of gunfire, as Miles and Monroe fight side by side. It's a flashback set during something called "The Trenton Campaign," which took place five years after the blackout. The two run low on bullets, and Monroe tells Miles, "If you're dyin', I'm dyin' with you."

In the current time, Charlie is bleeding from the head again. Miles says they need to get off the mean streets of of Philly and take shelter in the house of a man named Kip, who is the closest thing Miles has to an ally in the city.

However, Tom Neville finds them at Kip's house. Miles is out of the house when the militia comes, but everyone else is taken. Charlie is injected with something in her neck that knocks her out. When she comes to, she is in a cell, face to face with her mom.

Her mom explains that she planned to kill Monroe and escape with Danny, and tries to apologize to Charlie. Charlie cuts her off and says that all that matters is finding Danny. The two attempt to turn the bolts on an air vent to make their escape. When Rachel learns that Charlie has been traveling with Miles, she asks if Miles hurt Charlie.

Elsewhere, Miles breaks into Tom Neville's house and holds his wife hostage at swordpoint. Miles demands that his friends be returned safely or he will kill Tom's wife. Tom brings Miles just two members of his party: Nora and Aaron. Charlie, Danny, and Rachel are being held at a power plant north of the city. Miles locks Tom and his wife up and goes to rescue them.

Miles shows Rachel the real amplifier her colleague was starting to build before she killed him. Strausser and Miles threaten to kill one of her kids unless she resumes work on the amplifier project, and she agrees.

Later, Charlie and Danny trick a guard to come into their cell. Charlie hits him over the head with the air vent grate, and the two take his assault rifle and prepare to rescue their mother. Meanwhile, Nora and Miles enter the power plant, while Aaron waits outside with some pipe bombs.

Rachel finishes work on the amplifier, and lights start coming on all around her. When she hears the sound of gunfire, she attacks Strassuer with a hammer, killing him. Nora escorts the kids out of the building, while Miles goes to find Rachel. Miles sends Rachel running off when militia reinforcements arrive, and then Miles comes face to face with Monroe.

Monroe asks Miles to come back into the fold, but Miles insults him by saying he should have killed him when he had the chance. The two have a hand-to-hand battle that quickly escalates to a swordfight. Miles escapes, and the group reunites outside. But when they look up, they see a Monroe Militia helicopter looming over their heads: Rachel left without destroying the amplifier she had built.

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