'Revolution' Recap: Big Secrets Revealed in 'Children of Men'

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REVOLUTION -- "Children of Men" Episode 119 -- Pictured: Billy Burke as Miles Matheson -- (Photo by: Brownie Harris/NBC)

In need of a "Revolution" recap? The episode "Children of Men" was the penultimate episode before the Season 1 finale. The previous episode ended on a big cliffhanger, as Rachel had planned to use a grenade to kill herself and Monroe outside of the Tower. Did her plan succeed? Read on to find out!

Rachel's grenade

Luckily for Monroe, one of his men was able to get the grenade away from Rachel and throw it away from Monroe's position. However, Monroe doesn't kill Rachel: He needs her hand scan to enter the Tower.

Once they get inside the Tower, a surveillance team led by a man named Jenkins grabs their weapons and heads out to meet the intruders. Rachel, Randall, and Monroe try to reach the impregnable floor 12, but the elevator stops on floor 11, where Jenkins and his men start shooting. Rachel and Monroe will have to work together if they want to get out alive.

Miles and company

Meanwhile, Miles and the helo team have arrived outside. They meet up with Aaron and try to get past Monroe's men and into the Tower. In the rush to do so, Jason and Neville are left behind. Neville and Jason form an uneasy alliance in order to escape from Monroe's men and are able to convince Captain Riley to help them escape and lead a coup.

Secrets, secrets

Rachel explains to Monroe that the Tower was actually Cheney's secret VP bunker. When she learns that Charlie is also inside the Tower, she agrees to help Monroe get a gun. Monroe saves Charlie's life, and then runs off. Charlie, Rachel, Miles, Nora, and Aaron are reunited.


The reunion is short-lived. Jenkins has sent his men after them, and three men corner the group. However, Monroe returns in the middle of the firefight and tells Miles that he wants to settle things once and for all. One of these men seems destined to die at the hands of the other.


Rachel, Aaron, and Charlie are brought deep underground, where they learn that Jenkins and Grace are actually good guys. They have taken it upon themselves to prevent any one person from seizing control of the Tower since the Blackout. Grace reveals that turning the power back on could save the world... but it is just as likely to destroy it.


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