‘Revolution’ recap: A major character dies in ‘The Plague Dogs’

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As the Oct. 8 episode of "Revolution" began, Charlie's being pursued by a militia man. However, she's not in any real danger: Miles was just using her to lure the militia guy out into the open. Miles punches the guy and gets some vital information out of him: Danny and Captain Tom Neville passed his waystation yesterday on the way to Noblesville. If they hurry, Miles and Charlie can catch up to Danny and rescue him.

Meanwhile, Aaron and Maggie are waiting at the rendezvous point in Lowell, Indiana. Aaron tells Maggie that they can't tell Charlie about the power coming back on. Knowing about the pendant would only endanger them, so they should keep the pendant a secret for now.

Charlie, Miles, and Nora meet up with Aaron and Maggie, and the five start walking through the ruins of the small city. Two vicious dogs chase them, and one of them bites Aaron on the leg. Maggie shoots it, and Aaron escapes.

As they continue on, Miles spots Nate tracking them, and the group decides to interrogate him. However, the dogs return and chase them into a diner. When the group gets to safety, they look around and see that Maggie has been taken by the man who has been controlling the dogs that chased them.

The man stabs Maggie in the leg for killing his dog, and then runs off. The knife nicked an artery. Maggie prepares to tell Charlie how to sew the artery back together when the man returns and takes Charlie with him.

While Miles and Nate chase after Charlie, Aaron and Nora stay behind to try and save Maggie's life. Miles and Nate find Charlie, and rescue her from the man (though Charlie nearly dies because the man booby-trapped the door to the room where he was keeping her hostage).

Sadly, Maggie has lost too much blood and dies upon Charlie's return to the diner. As she cries that everyone always leaves her, Miles hugs Charlie and tells her that he won't leave her.

Elsewhere, Danny and Tom Neville are pinned down by a tornado. After the storm passes, a ceiling collapse leaves Neville literally pinned down by a fallen beam. Danny does the noble thing and gets Neville free, but then Neville immediately takes him prisoner again. Neville tells Danny "You're more important than you know," and takes him away.

In the final scene, it's revealed that Charlie's mom left her family behind at the request of Miles, back when Miles was still with the militia. When Charlie learns that, perhaps she will reconsider her bond with Miles.

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