'Revolution' Recap: Meet the Woman Monroe and Miles Fight Over in 'Home'

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Monday night's "Revolution" episode, "Home," revealed Monroe ordering the assassination of a fan-favorite character. While Monroe was content to ignore Miles in the midseason premiere, he's changed his tune: He orders the assassination of Miles Matheson in the opening of the episode! Will the plot to kill Miles succeed? Read on to find out!

The plan to draw out Miles

Monroe has a plan to get Miles killed. He orders his helicopters to fly toward Jasper, Indiana. A Monroe Militia agent meets with Miles and gives him an ultimatum: be in Jasper alone by dawn or everyone in the town will be killed.

Jasper is the town where Miles and Monroe grew up. It turns out that a woman named Emma still lives there. She and Miles used to be in love, but Monroe and Emma have a romantic past, as well!

Rachel and Aaron's story

Meanwhile, Rachel and Aaron arrive in Missouri. Now in the Plains Nation territory, Rachel sends Aaron to a market to find some supplies. At the market, Aaron sees a familiar face: his wife, Priscilla.

After losing her in the crowd, Aaron finds Priscilla at a restaurant. He's heartbroken to realize that she's moved on, as she's dining with her husband, Steve.

But Steve isn't her husband: He's holding a gun up to Priscilla underneath the table. Later, Aaron sees Steve trying to throw Priscilla in the back of a truck. Aaron and Steve struggle, until Priscilla kills Steve with a pipe.

A sad goodbye

It turns out that Steve was a bounty hunter who was after Priscilla because she stabbed a Militia sergeant. She still hates that Aaron left her all those years ago, but she's moved on. She departs from Aaron to return to Texas and her new family.

The events in Jasper

Monroe rounds up all of the townspeople of Jasper, locking all of them inside the town hall. Only Emma is spared, and she tries to convince Monroe to let them go. They two kiss passionately, only for Monroe to order that the town hall be burned to the ground.

Charlie, Hudson, and Nora pursue Miles, and plan to make sure that Monroe is killed off this time. While Miles picks off the militiamen one by one, Nora and the others make sure that the citizens of Jasper can escape the fire. Emma is killed in the crossfire, devastating both Miles and Monroe. Emma may have a son fathered by Monroe, but she is killed before more can be revealed.

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