'Revolution' Recap: Miles Mourns Emma in 'The Love Boat'

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Monday night's "Revolution" episode, "The Love Boat," revolved around Miles and his emotional state in the wake of Emma's death. Complicating matters is the fact that Tom Neville and Miles are now on the same side, on the orders of President Foster.

Demon in a bottle

Miles has not been this drunk since the show's premiere. He is drinking to numb the pain of Emma's loss, but it isn't really working. However, the news that Neville brings helps Miles focus: Monroe's new plan is to weaponize anthrax!

Father and son

Miles isn't the only one who isn't happy to see Tom. His son, Jason, is also angered by his presence. While Jason chose his path out of compassion, he feels that his father lacks a moral compass. Tom, he argues, will work for anyone -- as long as they make him feel special. Jason's mother almost died from hypothermia during her escape from the city, and Jason isn't exactly pleased to be working with his father.

The dark side of Miles Matheson

Miles captures Dr. Camp, who is helping Monroe to weaponize anthrax. Miles tells Camp to switch sides, or his wife and daughter will die. Charlie is shocked by his callousness, and Nora says she's going to transfer to a different unit. Nora thought that Miles had changed, but he's still a monster.

Charlie and Jason later take control of the ship from Miles and Neville, and retrieve Dr. Camp's family. Neville tries to retaliate against Charlie, but Miles intervenes. Miles eventually helps Camp and his family go into hiding, and Nora decides she won't leave Miles, after all.

Rachel and Aaron

After nearly starving to death, Rachel and Aaron steal some food. However, the penalty for stealing food in that part of the country is death. As Rachel and Aaron try to make a break for it, Rachel falls and breaks her leg. She tells Aaron to leave her and get to the Tower, but he refuses to leave her behind.

They fight off their attackers, and Rachel reveals a secret: Aaron had something to do with the lights going out, even if he doesn't know it.

The teaser

At the Tower, Grace sees something terrible when the elevator doors slide open -- but TV fans will have to wait next week to find out what it was.
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