‘Revolution’ recap: Nora and her sister discuss ‘Ties that Bind’

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The "Revolution" episode "Ties That Bind" opens with the gang about 300 miles outside of Philadelphia, where Nora is trying to get the gang across a militia-controlled bridge. The group is allowed passage across the bridge, but Miles realizes they are walking into a trap. They manage to escape, and Miles says they'll need to try another bridge 100 miles away.

Charlie doesn't want them to lose any additional time, but Miles says they need to move. There was only one man in the entire militia that Miles feared. That man was Strausser, and he is currently guarding the bridge. But the situation changes when it is revealed that Strausser and his men are holding Nora's sister captive and torturing her.

Strausser yells out into the night and tells Nora that if she gives him the pendant and Miles, her sister can go free. Miles tries to destroy the necklace to keep the militia from taking it, but despite his best efforts, there isn't even a scratch on it. They storm the camp and rescue Nora's sister, but Strausser pursues them.

Meanwhile, Monroe has ordered Captain Neville's son, Jason (aka Nate), to be tortured after trying to get more information about Strausser's mission to retrieve the pendant. Jason's concern over Charlie's safety has now placed him in a deadly position. Monroe has given Captain Neville two options for dealing with his son: Jason/Nate will either be killed for treason or get sent on a diplomatic mission to the California Commonwealth -- a mission that will almost certainly end in his death. However, Tom digs up some dirt on another militia kid, who is a rebel, and uses that info to save Jason.

Nora's sister reveals something surprising: Their father, long suspected of being dead or missing in action, has been found. Nora's sister wants to take Nora there now, but Nora says that she promised Charlie to help get Danny back. Nora's sister says that going to Philly is a suicide mission and asks Nora to think of her real family. Charlie tells Nora it's okay, and Nora takes her leave of the group.

But it turns out that Nora's sister is not to be trusted: She was working as Strausser's agent, leading the group to a certain point and stealing the pendant, simply to ensure her own safety (and Nora's safety). Worse still, she was lying about finding their father.

Nora runs back to the group just in time to save them from Strausser; however, Strausser gets the pendant back to Monroe, who gives it to Rachel. Meanwhile, Captain Neville's wife tries to convince him to overthrow Monroe and take control of the Republic.

Elsewhere, Randall takes Grace to a situation room, where he is tracking the pendants on a large screen, and tells her to go track down Ben's pendant, now in Philadelphia.

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