'Revolution' Recap: A Nuke Threatens Atlanta in 'The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia'

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On the "Revolution" episode "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia," part of the team heads to Atlanta, while Monroe investigates Neville's disappearance. Meanwhile, Rachel advances toward the Tower. Monroe plans to strike Georgia with a nuke, and only Miles can stop the device from going off!

Monroe's story

Monroe is enraged by the news that Neville and his wife have fled Philly -- and that their "dead" son Jason is still alive. He literally shoots the messenger that brings him the news! He then orders an operative to nuke Atlanta as part of his bid to seize total control of the country.

Rachel and Aaron's story

Rachel still plans to lead Aaron to the Tower, but she wants to meet with her friend Jane first. On the way, Rachel and Aaron are caught by the militia. Thankfully, Jane shows up in time to save them. She uses a little handheld device that fries the militia guys to a crisp.

Jane takes them back to her house, where Aaron meets Beth, Jane's wife. Rachel explains that Danny is dead, and it is revealed that a similar device to Danny's implant is what is keeping Beth alive -- despite having had Stage 4 cancer for 16 years. If the power is turned back on, Beth will die.

However, when Beth learns that Jane has always known how to turn the power back on, she insists that Jane help Rachel. Jane gives Rachel a thin notebook and sends her on her way.

Charlie, Miles, and Nora's story

Miles learns that Monroe has snuck a nuke over the border of his territory into Georgia. For the first time in her life, Charlie leaves the Monroe Republic. The three disguise themselves as Georgian soldiers with uniforms plucked from the corpses of dead soldiers.

A knife left near the dead bodies catches Miles by surprise: It is a Matheson family heirloom that he gave to his protégé, Alec, many years ago. When they approach Atlanta, Alec jumps Miles and frames him for the murder of a police officer.

Miles is taken to see the Georgia Federation's President Kelly Foster. He begs to be released from custody, so he can find Alec and stop the nuke from detonating. Miles is released and is forced to kill Alec in order to save himself, Charlie, and the city. After his success in saving the city, President Foster is ready to make a counterattack, and she wants Miles to be her general.

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