'Revolution' Recap: Rachel Attempts a Dangerous Cure in 'The Longest Day'

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On Monday night's "Revolution" episode, "The Longest Day," Rachel and Aaron play a dangerous game of Russian roulette with the capsule, while Charlie is trapped under a pile of rubble. Meanwhile, Monroe is almost shot and killed after a bungled assassination attempt.

The militia attacks

The rebel base is attacked from the air by Monroe's militia. Miles, Nora, and Neville band together after the attack to find Charlie and Jason, who wandered off together just before the attack occurred. The three uneasy allies fight off a swarm of militia on the ground and eventually find an injured Jason. Charlie is nowhere to be found!

Rachel's game of Russian roulette

Aaron refuses to leave Rachel's side after she breaks her leg, so Rachel decides to try something risky. She and Aaron work together to use the nanite capsule to heal her leg. It's risky business: If it works, she'll be fine. If not, they'll both be killed in a pretty gruesome manner.

Thankfully, it works. However, Blackmore sees what happens and asks Rachel to repeat the feat on his own son. She agrees, but later knocks Blackmore unconscious, much to Aaron's surprise. Her only goal is revenge against Monroe, and she doesn't intend to let anything get in the way of that goal -- not even helping people along the way. Plus, she notes, that kid was a goner; if they had tried to help, the kid would have died anyway, and Blackmore would have killed them out of misplaced anger.

Monroe's paranoia increases

After hearing of the successful assault on the rebel base, Monroe is confident that Miles is finally dead. Jeremy convinces Monroe to come out for a drink to celebrate. But as soon as Monroe leaves the building, someone fires upon him. Despite Jeremy's protestations, Monroe believes that Jeremy just tried to have him assassinated, and he orders Jeremy's execution. An investigation later finds that Jeremy was telling the truth: He had nothing to do with the botched assassination attempt.

The first kiss

Eventually, Jason is brought to a hospital, and Charlie is able to catch up with Miles and Nora. But then, in the confusion, Nora is taken! She is brought to Monroe's office, which is just about the worst thing that could have happened.

In the hospital, Charlie and Jason kiss for the first time. Neville sees the kiss, and doesn't like it one bit. Meanwhile, President Foster tells Miles that Monroe is just too powerful. Unless Miles has some great master plan up his sleeve, she'll be forced to surrender her lands to Monroe.

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