‘Revolution’ Recap: The Secret of the Pendants is Revealed in 'Ghosts'

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"Ghosts" is a somber episode of "Revolution," which opens with Danny's humble funeral. The episode sees Nora and Miles seeking the aid of Jim Hudson, one of the men that Miles conspired with to kill Sebastian Monroe. Meanwhile, Charlie deals with her anger after Danny's death by going on a raid, where she is injured.

Controlled from a distance

Aaron takes out the two pendants that the survivors have in their possession. When Aaron leaves the room, the pendants activate. That's bad news for the rebels: Randall activated them remotely from Philadelphia. Randall can track and locate the pendants, and that means he can locate the rebels at any time. Monroe is eager to have those pendants for himself, and Randall says he can retrieve them -- and his scientists can build more amplifiers for Monroe's cause.

Finding Jim

Nora and Miles enter a town called Culpepper, where they believe Jim now lives. However, when they find Jim, he's living under the assumed name of Henry Bemis. Even his wife, Sophie, doesn't know the truth about Jim's militia past. Miles asks for Jim's help in killing Monroe.

Jim is reluctant to fight Monroe, however. He loves his existence in this quiet town with his lovely wife. Soon after, the militia marches into town to kill Jim. Hudson's wife is nearly killed, but the militia threat is dealt with by Nora, Miles, and Jim. However, in the aftermath, Sophie leaves "Henry." She can no longer trust him. With no place left to go, Jim/Henry reluctantly agrees to go with Miles.

Randall's arrival

When Randall arrives at the rebel's base, Rachel pulls apart the pendants and dips them in acid to prevent them from being used by Monroe. Aaron is staggered to see that the pendants concealed tiny flash drives. When he asks Rachel what was on the drives, she responds by saying, "Nothing, now."

It turns out that Randall doesn't want the pendants; he came all the way to the rebel base because he wants her brainpower. Rachel is captured by Randall, but Charlie is able to help free her mom, and the band of survivors make their escape.

A revealing flashback

In the flashbacks, fans learned that pre-Blackout Randall was too eager to deploy the Matheson's weapon against the Taliban. The scientists had asked for more time, but Randall was angry over the death of his son, who was killed in action.

Rachel gives Aaron more information about the past and starts to tell him about a place called The Tower. On the night the lights went out, Randall held his son's dog tags in his hand and gave the order to execute a virus from The Tower.

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