'Revolution' Recap: A Traitor in Their Midst

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REVOLUTION -- "Clue" Episode 118 -- Pictured: (l-r) Billy Burke as Miles Matheson, JD Pardo as Nate, Tracy Spiridakos as Charlie Matheson -- (Photo by: Brownie Harris/NBC)

In this week's "Revolution" episode, "Clue," Miles was on the hunt for a traitor within his ranks. Meanwhile, Monroe attempted to extract vital intelligence from Nora, and Rachel and Aaron finally made it to Colorado.

Nora in peril

After being kidnapped last episode, Nora is jailed and ordered to put on a white dress. She is then taken to see Monroe, who warns her that if she doesn't start playing nice, she will be tortured.

Nora isn't wooed by Monroe's luxuries and steadfastly refuses to give up the location where Miles can be found. Monroe orders his guards to torture Nora. After about three weeks of agony, she finally gives up Miles... and also reveals Rachel's plan! Monroe then orders Randall and his men to visit the Tower in person. There's just one problem: Randall's handprint is no longer accepted at the Tower.

Jason and Charlie's romance

Jason and Charlie are closer now than they've ever been, and Jason doesn't want to lose her. He tells her that they should make a break for Texas before the next battle. Their plans are cut short when Nora is returned to the camp. Nora brings everyone up to speed, and the rebels set off to help Rachel at the Tower.

A wolf among the sheep

The chopper carrying Miles, and the rest of the rebel team stops to refuel. While the chopper is on the ground, members of the team are picked off, one by one. Miles suspects Nora or Jason. Nora could have been brainwashed during her torture at Monroe's hands, while Jason has proven untrustworthy in the past.

However, the real killer turns out to be Hudson! Miles learns that Hudson betrayed them because Hudson's wife was taken hostage. Jason shoots Hudson, saving Miles.

At the Tower

Rachel and Aaron reach the Tower, only to find Monroe's men camped out around it. In order to slip through their ranks, Rachel decides to kill Monroe. In the ensuing chaos, Aaron can use the notebook to enter the Tower. Rachel steals a Monroe Militia uniform and enters Monroe's tent. The episode ends on a tense cliffhanger, as Rachel removes the pin out of a grenade and stares down Monroe.

With just two episodes left, one thing is clear: A lot more blood is going to spill between now and the finale.

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