‘Revolution’ releases 6 webisodes to bridge gap until Season 1 returns: Watch them all now [Video]

Learn how Wheatley became a double agent

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It's been a long, dry spell for fans of NBC's freshman series "Revolution." The midseason finale aired way back on Nov. 26, and new episodes won't premiere until March 25. Thankfully, there is one way for "Revolution" devotees to get their post-Techpocalypse fix during the hiatus. NBC has produced six animated webisodes set in the "Revolution" universe. Entitled "Wheatley's Letters," each short webisode centers around Joseph Wheatley (the character who led Miles through the tunnels and into a trap in the episode "Kashmir").

Though Wheatley was a pretty minor character, his backstory is fascinating. Plus, these animated webisodes provide a deep look at the mentality of the men who serve in the Monroe Militia. Each episode is narrated by Wheatley, with the story taking the form of a dated letter to his commanding officer. Let's get to it!

May 7th: Wheatley infiltrates the rebels

Just a lowly corporal, Wheatley writes to his commanding officer that he is the last surviving member of a squad of men in the Monroe Militia. Rebels just west of Philly gunned down the rest of his squad. Wheatley tells his commander that he was found by a rebel patrol, but managed to convince the rebels he was one of them. After earning their trust, Wheatley asks his commander how he should proceed now that he has infiltrated the enemy's ranks.

August 10th: Wheatley tries to kill the rebel scum

Wheatley writes to his commanding officer again, saying that sending this letter puts him at great personal risk. Wheatley provides his commander with an inventory of weapons, medical supplies, and fighters in his rebel cell. The one thing the rebels don't have is food, a fact that Wheatley encourages his superior officers to exploit.

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Wheatley explains that the rebels will leave their camp virtually unprotected in nine days time in order to go on a food run. Wheatley begs his commanding officer to come with reinforcements on that day, kill the rebels, and let him come back into the fold.

It's odd how outraged Wheatley gets when he talks about the rebels stealing food from the mouths of others. As fans of the show will recall, the Monroe Militia always takes food tithes from villages under their control.

October 15th: Wheatley's anger is truly terrifying

When no militia backup arrived to help complete Wheatley's plan, he sends a furious message to his commander. "You messed up. I stuck my neck out for you, and it almost got chopped off!" he fumes.

Wheatley assumes that his fellow militia brothers must simply not trust his story and implores the militia to come in and "paint this whole place red."

March 3rd: Wheatley fakes patriotism to get a promotion

Physically nauseated by an assignment to repair a tattered old American flag, Wheatley writes that he is starting to hate himself. Ironically, Wheatley has been promoted to the rank of sergeant among the rebels; that means he's a higher rank in the rebel army than he ever was in the militia, where his true allegiance lies. Wheatley again asks his commander to send a squadron of militia to take out the rebels before his secret is discovered.

May 23rd: Wheatley recalls the day the lights went out

Wheatley was camping with his sister and her kids close to the Canadian border the night the lights went out. He was telling them a ghost story, and his flashlight went dark. They were so far from civilization that they didn't realize something was wrong for two full days

"We missed the moment that civilization disappeared while sitting around a campfire," he recalls. His sister and her kids were killed in the chaos that followed.

Wheatley argues that being with the rebels fills him with the same sense of chaos and fear he felt after the blackout. The rebels are messy; unlike the militia, there is no one voice to keep people in line. Again he asks for the militia to come to his aid, but then he does something odd: He signs this letter as Sergeant Wheatley, rather than corporal. At this point, he's been living undercover with the rebels for more than a year.

September 15th: Wheatley plans to capture Miles Matheson

Wheatley has had to do all kinds of terrible things to keep his cover with the militia. He has stolen food from the militia and tortured his former militia brothers for intel. But Wheatley reveals his true shame: He killed a member of the militia in cold blood before he ever joined the rebel camp. He killed the man in order to keep from being captured by the rebels; when the rebels saw militia blood on Wheatley's hands, they trusted him implicitly.

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But Wheatley has a plan to make everything right again. Miles Matheson has wandered into Wheatley's camp, and Wheatley writes his commanding officer that he will take Miles into Philly through the tunnels and rejoin the militia. Of course, anyone who saw the episode "Kashmir" knows that this plan doesn't really turn out so well for Wheatley.

If you want to get caught up on "Revolution," NBC has posted the entire first half of Season 1 online for fans to enjoy. There's also a special version of the pilot episode, featuring commentary from director Jon Favreau and creator Eric Kripke.

"Revolution" returns on Monday, 3/25 at 10 PM on NBC.

Watch the "Revolution" pilot with commentary here:

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