Is Rhys Coiro's 'Dexter' Season 8 Character a Blast From Deb's Past?

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"Dexter" Season 8 is just weeks away, and details about the upcoming season have begun to surface. One interesting bit of news may just suggest that one of the new characters (played by actor Rhys Coiro) is actually a blast from Deb's past.

The "Dexter" fan site recently reported that Season 8 guest star Rhys Coiro's character name was revealed in a promo still photo caption. Coiro's character name is Andrew Briggs, which raised a few eyebrows. Longtime "Dexter" fans will recall that Deb dated a man called Anton Briggs during Seasons 3 and 4.

Anton Briggs was Joey Quinn's personal CI (confidential informant). After Quinn introduced Anton to Deb, Detective Morgan used Anton as her own informant. The two started a relationship, but things came to an end between them when Deb reconnected with Lundy. After telling Anton she had cheated on him with Lundy, Anton left and hasn't been seen since. argues that Andrew and Anton Briggs probably aren't related -- likely because the actors who played them have different ethnic backgrounds. However, the possibility shouldn't be dismissed out of hand just because the two men have different skin colors. After all, Andrew and Anton could have different mothers, but remain half-brothers. Alternatively, they could be cousins or adopted siblings.

If there isn't a connection between Anton and Andrew Briggs, there are two explanations. Either the similar surnames were a red herring to misdirect the audience, or the "Dexter" writers are guilty of sloppy storytelling. Briggs isn't as common of a surname as Jones or Smith, so it seems likely that this character name was deliberately chosen. It's likely that Briggs is being used again for a reason. If it's not, however, savvy "Dexter" fans will be disappointed.

Promotional images from the first few episodes of Season 8 show Andrew Briggs in bed with Deb, with the former holding a gun. It's likely that these two are involved in some kind of physical relationship. Is it possible that Deb is dating Anton's brother or cousin? And if he is, then why has a Briggs man come back into the picture four seasons after Anton left?

Is history doomed to repeat itself, with Deb destined to cheat on yet another Briggs boy? Or is the shared surname between Andrew and Anton just as coincidence? Fans will have to wait for Season 8 to know for certain!

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