Will Rick's Hand Be Cut Off on 'The Walking Dead'?

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One of the issues that is debated back and forth by readers of the comic book that "The Walking Dead" is based on is how much Rick's hand being cut off adds to, or takes away from, the story. As someone that follows both the show and the comic book, I wonder if this plotline from the comics will make way to the small screen. The reasons for Rick having, or not having, two hands on the TV show would bring up different issues than it does in the comic book.


For those of you that are not up to speed on the comic book version of "The Walking Dead," Rick's hand is chopped off by the Governor when they get inside of Woodbury. This adds more depth to his character (in my opinion) because it is another type of obstacle that he has to personally overcome. We already know that the Governor will be making an appearance at some point in the near future due to many of the leaks that have made way to the media.

Stub Cover

After Rick's hand got cut off, he began wearing the bandages over the stub. If the producers went with the line of having his hand cut off, he will have to wear a "stub cover." The problem with this is that it will be very hard to make this realistic through makeup since his stub cover would be the same length as his other arm. While they could make a majority of the shots up close to his face so that we do not have to see his arm, this could get overly melodramatic after a short time.

Special Effects

Instead of simply covering our favorite officer's hand with a stub cover, they could simply use special effects to remove his hand like was done with Lieutenant Dan in "Forrest Gump." The issue with this is money and time. Remember that the makeup for the zombies, the sets and the fact that there is an unusually-high number of actors for the show costs money. Using special effects to eliminate Rick's hand would add up.

On top of that, it would add time to the production of "The Walking Dead." This is time that could be used better in other areas. Maybe that technical time could be spent making more frightening zombies. Maybe it could be spent in making an explosion even more realistic. The possibilities are endless.

On the Plus Side

If the producers of "The Walking Dead" were to have Rick's hand cut off, it would add more depth to the character on screen just like it does in the comic book. We would be able to see how he deals with not being able to shoot straight at the zombies. We would be able to see how he deals with his temporary feelings of inadequacy. How is it that he would deal with not being able to hold his and Lori's new baby? If you do not get the last one you really need to start reading the comic book.

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