Robert De Niro celebrates Whoopi's birthday on 'The View'

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Robert De Niro celebrates Whoopi's birthday on 'The View'

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Robert De Niro.

Robert De Niro will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the greatest actors of our time. His fans know and love him from his work. Unlike the current plethora of reality stars, "Twilight" actors, and popular performers, his personal life stays personal. Bobby D. is strictly old school. We see shades of who he might be privately, but the legendary actor, director, and producer is notoriously reclusive.

When Whoopi Goldberg celebrated her birthday on "The View," her wish list included a rare appearance from De Niro, who is one of her BFFs. Well, the lady has some serious clout, because the "Taxi Driver" himself made a rare television appearance, yucking it up with the ladies! Thank you, very much, Ms. Goldberg; you really class up the place.

That's right. The show that has had a sitting president, first ladies, and heads of state had never had a visit from Mr. De Niro, until now. The man with the master plan was also there to promote his current movie, "Silver Linings Playbook." The film is a romantic drama starring Bradley Cooper as De Niro's troubled son. According to the ladies of "The View," the flick is already generating Oscar buzz.

Of course, the no-nonsense DeNiro is also making news for a public squabble with rapper Jay-Z. Apparently, Shawn Carter agreed to record a song for the Tribeca Film Film Festival. The Festival was co-founded by De Niro post-9/11 to help with the revitalization of New York City. Jay even mentions their Tribeca connection in his epic NYC song, "Empire State of Mind." Well, apparently Jay-Z bailed on the deal, didn't return DeNiro's phone calls, and the elder statesman scolded him at Leonardo DiCaprio's birthday party. See -- you thought you had problems!

Alas, this beef was not mentioned on "The View." The star was asked to reveal a secret about his girl, Whoopi. De Niro praised her style and her homes. He said that she had "great taste" and always had the most interesting "tchotchkes." Sherri Shepherd asked Whoopi if there was anything shocking she could tell the audience about Robert. Goldberg replied that she definitely had the goods on "Bob" but would keep them to herself.

Whoopi then gushed about her buddy, explaining that he is "very quiet" and "much more than what you see." She revealed that he's been hard at work on a documentary about his artistic father, Robert De Niro, Sr.

Joy Behar told the day's revered guest that when she originally saw him in the film "Mean Streets," she thought that it was a documentary. De Niro's such a great actor that she didn't realize that he was acting. Sherri called the thespian a "renaissance man," and clearly, with the standing ovation that De Niro" received, the audience of "The View" agrees.

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