Ryan Ochoa talks about the 'Pair of Kings' finale

What's next for the Disney XD actor?

Ryan Ochoa talks about the 'Pair of Kings' finale

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Ryan Ochoa

For the past three seasons, Ryan Ochoa has played Lanny on the Disney XD show "Pair of Kings." On the show, two brothers from Chicago discover they are actually heirs to the throne of an island nation. So they move to the new land and discover the customs, traditions, and magic secrets of the enchanted world. Ochoa plays Lanny, who is cousin to the kings and next in line to the throne. So he has been trying to get rid of them and take what he think is his rightful place.

The series is coming to an end, but before it goes, there is a four-part series finale airing in February that promises to leave "Pair of Kings" fans happy. In a recent one-on-one interview, Ochoa talked about the show, the finale, and his plans for the future.

Ochoa is nothing like Lanny

Ochoa has enjoyed playing Lanny for three seasons because it really challenges him as an actor. He doesn't have a lot in common with his TV alter ego. He said, "My character honestly is not Ryan at all. But that's the fun part of acting. He's evil, and he's mischievous."

But he continued, "There's a fun part of Lanny that he's likable in some ways. And that's why I get to relate to him. I bring some of Ryan to the character, too, because he's funny, and he's sarcastic, and that's why I like playing him... He's one of my favorite characters that I've got to play, and I hope the audience likes him."

The 'Pair of Kings' finale is big

The young actor enthusiastically talked about the plot of the upcoming series finale: "It's the four biggest episodes of 'Pair of Kings' ever… [There's] a mummy's tomb, and inside the tomb, there's this big bat statue that comes to life, and it's this really ancient mythology that these kings have to uncover. So basically the kings are going back to millions of years ago to stop this bat and its leader, which is the mummy, which is the ultimate bad guy… It's really cool."

Ryan Ochoa's other projects

Ochoa also revealed a few things that interest him besides acting. He divulged, "I love to play sports." His friends at school would always ask him why he didn't play football, since he seemed to have an affinity for it. He stated, "I was alright. But with acting, I never could. I'm a pretty good football player. I love playing football." He also admitted to one other off-camera hobby. "I love shoes. I love collecting shoes."

But his biggest off-camera passion is making music with his three brothers -- Raymond, Bobby, and Rick -- as the Ochoa Boyz. As a Disney artist, there's typically the opportunity to launch a singing career alongside acting, but Ochoa was hesitant to do that unless he could make it different. The difference? His three brothers. The boy band writes their own songs and even do their own choreography. And the Ochoa brothers hope to one day have their own TV show and do other projects together, as well.

For now you can see Ryan Ochoa on the four-part finale of "Pair of Kings" on Disney XD beginning Feb. 24, 2013.

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