Saying farewell to ‘The Office’: The best Season 9 pranks so far

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Pranks have always been at the center of many humorous interactions on "The Office." From encasing a stapler in Jell-O to hiding a ringing cell phone in the ceiling, these Dunder Mifflin hijinks always have fans talking at the water cooler the next morning.

Now in its final season, "The Office" is undergoing something of a renaissance. The pranks have been exceptionally good, especially given how unfunny the previous season was overall.

In honor of the show's final season, here is a list of the best pranks fans have seen thus far in Season 9. While they may not be as classic as Jim sending Dwight faxes from the future, these pranks have been truly hilarious.

Dwight FM

In the episode "The Boat," Dwight volunteers to phone in to a radio interview show on behalf of the company. But when the radio station calls the office to cancel, Jim decides to pull a prank on Dwight. Jim, Pam, Nellie, and Darryl team up and pretend to be the radio station and call Dwight (who is holed up in the break room and can't see them).

The interview starts off normally, but then Pam takes things to the next level when she pretends to be a person working at a branch of the company that makes toxic paper. The group then spins a story for Dwight about the company's plummeting stock prices and David Wallace kidnapping a mailman. By the end of the "radio interview," Dwight is wearing only his undershirt and underwear, and has made a very strange phone call to a confused David Wallace.

Andy's family secret

After Andy continues to treat her horribly, Nellie concocts a story about how he is related to Michelle Obama in the episode "Andy's Ancestry." She also lies to the rest of the staff and says that Kevin is related to a couple of serial killers. Meredith is allegedly related to Lizzie Borden, and Nellie says that Jim is related to Nixon.

Andy is happy about his family connection, until the rest of the office staff begins to question why Andy's white family would have African relations. The answer: Andy's family was involved in the slave trade.

Seeing Andy get all puffed up about being related to the Obamas, and then falling off his high horse, was truly memorable. In a funny twist, it was revealed after the episode aired that actor Ed Helms is in fact Michelle Obama's 18th cousin once removed. Talk about art imitating life!

Popcorn and pie

In the episode "Work Bus," Jim tricks Dwight into vacating the office due to a radiation leak. The evidence? A brand new bag of popcorn already has had a few kernels popped just from being in the office. In reality, Jim popped those kernels in the microwave, but Dwight freaks out and evacuates the building. The prank backfires on Jim, however, when Dwight hires a bus for the office to work out of.
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