The scariest killers in 'Dexter' history

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Here's the thing: Dexter Morgan isn't really all that scary. The eponymous anti-hero at the center of Showtime's "Dexter" only kills serial killers, so viewers watching at home know that they are safe from a killer like him.

The people who are scary, however, are the serial killers that Dexter tracks. They are some of the most twisted, terrifying characters ever conceived for television. These are the killers that will keep you up at night.


Jon Lithgow's turn as the Trinity Killer was one of the show's high points. The idea of a serial killer who could masquerade as a perfectly normal, church-going family man was truly chilling.

The idea of his house being decorated with plaques from his charity organization seems noble, until you learn that each of those plaques really represents a killing cycle (including a home where a young boy was buried in the foundation). The scariest thing about Trinity was that nearly every person was a potential target: Trinity's cycle would always include the death of a young boy, a young woman, a mother, and an adult man.

Jordan Chase, Boyd Fowler, and the rest of the Barrel gang

The murders at the heart of the fifth season of "Dexter" were the infamous "Barrel Girl" killings. Spearheaded by Jordan Chase and a group of his friends, the group would kidnap a young, blonde woman, later raping her and filming the act.

When the rest of the men were done with their victim, Boyd Fowler would take the girl, put her in a barrel, and electrocute her. Each man kept a different creepy memento of their victims: Fowler kept strands of hair, Alex Tilden kept their jewelry, and Jordan Chase wore a vial of his first victim's blood around his neck.

Ray Speltzer

To be fair, Dexter points out that Ray Speltzer throws off some pretty obvious bad vibes. But for the naive, slightly dumb girls that Speltzer targets as his victims, those bad vibes are hard to pick up on. Speltzer would bring his victims back to his home, where he had constructed an elaborate killing maze, much like America's first serial killer, H. H. Holmes. He would dress as a minotaur and chase the victims around until he finally killed them.
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