Scheduling will keep Syfy stagnant at best

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Ever since the Sci-Fi Channel became Syfy, fans of the network have been inundated with split-season and short-season shows. Syfy will end up paying the price for such a revolving schedule. The channel is in dire need of another breakout show, but it will not happen with the current format. The revolving schedule and lack of a hit show will keep Syfy from becoming a strong network.

Short-season shows

"Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files," and "Destination: Truth" are just two examples of the dozens of shows that only run for six to eight weeks a year on Syfy. Each year, the timing of the yearly introduction of these shows changes so fans of each show have to pay close attention to social media to see when their favorites are coming or watch Syfy periodically throughout the year to see when their interest can be spiked. In the worst-case scenario, fans forget about their favorite shows on the network and miss the entire season.

Split-season shows

There are only a few shows on Syfy which have full seasons. "Ghost Hunters" and "Ghost Hunters International" are two examples of how Syfy will split up the seasons of their shows. With around 20-24 shows for each season, logic would dictate one show running for half of the year with the other show running the other half, or that both shows would run concurrently during the fall/winter season. Instead, Syfy logic dictates a show running for about five or six week, then be switched by the other show for five weeks, switch back, take three or four weeks off, switch again, and so on.

Again, fans are forced to either constantly pay attention to what is currently showing on Syfy, scour the website for schedules (which are often only posted a few weeks in advance), or "Like" the Facebook page of a show. The major networks, such as ABC, NBC, and CBS have shows, gain such a large following that many of their shows have entered the collective interest online and made it nearly impossible to not know the start dates of their shows. Syfy needs a breakout show to garner the collective interest.

Why a breakout can't happen now

Shows such as "Collection Intervention" and "Hollywood Treasure" have a chance of becoming breakout shows but are held back by short seasons. Just when fan interest begins to peak for a season, the shows end their run, and Syfy moves fans onto another short-season show. Split-season shows are not able to keep the interest going due to constant revolutions of the schedule and regular breaks. Syfy is not able to charge "hit show" prices to advertisers, and this hurts the network more and more over time. The network distances fans that want some type of regularity in their programming. Result? Syfy will continue to stay stagnant at best.

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