What Will Season 2 Hold for 'American Horror Story'?

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As the season ending draws near, "American Horror Story" is setting up for some pretty amazing reveals. Since the first episode, fans have been wondering how many ghosts truly are stuck in the murder house. We just learned that Violet Harmon now resides among the trapped. There is so much more to learn about the murder house and what happened there. For now, we have to live in theories, and these are some that fans are predicting will happen with the show.

Vivien will have her babies

We know that both babies are not by the same father. It is assumed that one will be the devil incarnate, while the other will be human. Fans aren't sure what to think about this story line, but it is definitely different from anything we have seen on the show thus far. Violet will eventually find out that Tate was the one to rape her mother, and then what will happen? There are so many possibilities with this that Season 2 will definitely be a must watch.

Violet's body is discovered

Her body has been sitting in the crawl space for something like two weeks now. There are flies swarming it, and it is pretty gruesome looking. At some point, Ben and Vivien will have to figure it out. When they do, will they accept it? Fans are guessing they will become somewhat like Constance and stick around the house to be close to Violet. With Vivien still locked up in the asylum, Ben will most likely be the one to discover the body. What will his reaction be, and what will he say to Violet?

Constance is killed

The house has been full of dreadful tales and heinous crimes. What else could possibly be lurking in the basement and halls of the murder house? We were just given glimpses of Larry's wife and children in the basement, and still have yet to see the Montgomery baby run around. It seems that with each episode that passes, things get more complicated. It will be interesting to see how long Constance lasts, and if she will finally become one of the trapped in the murder house. After all, she has nothing really left for her, except the grandchild Vivien is carrying in her womb.

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