Season 5 Premiere of 'The Big Bang Theory'

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The long awaited Season 5 premiere of "The Big Bang Theory," "The Skank Reflex Analysis," did not fail to entertain, although not as much as anticipated. This episode picked up where the Season 4 finale left off with Penny and Raj fleeing the bedroom after their night together, only to be confronted by Sheldon and Leonard. Sheldon was, as usual, full of humorous jabs not only here but throughout the episode.

Penny had a hard time dealing with the fact that this night with Raj might have ruined her friendship with not only Leonard, but all of the guys. She wasn't sure whether they would be able to move past this, even though she was certain it was a one-time thing.

It was particularly entertaining when Amy Farrah Fowler showed up at Penny's door and said she knew "something she did" with the acknowledgment that she (Amy) knew "who she did" the previous night. But the anti-social, overly contemplated, and yet child-like comments of Amy, played by Mayim Bialik, have come to be expected by the many fans of "The Big Bang Theory" over the last season.

And it was touching when Penny explained to Raj that she wanted to be friends and not move forward with their romantic relationship all the way up to Raj's comedic comment that "it was getting beautiful again", a description he used to describe his portion of their encounter from the night before, which definitely lightened the mood to the typical "Big Bang Theory" expectations.

While Penny was trying to figure out how to repair her relationship with the boys, Sheldon was attempting to prove himself a competent paint ball leader for the gang's paintball team. One of the funniest moments of the episode was when Leonard appeared in Sheldon's required uniform looking like a lost little boy beneath all the camouflage.

Once again, the season 5 premier of "The Big Bang Theory" did not disappoint but if it had not been followed by an even funnier episode "The Infestation Hypothesis" where Sheldon freaks because Penny brought a chair in from the streets that he assumes is contaminated with vermin and/or disease it may have leaned more to the typical sarcastic comedy that the fans have come to expect.

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