The secret piano talents of your favorite TV characters

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Everyone knows actors can act, but plenty of actors can also sing, dance, or play a musical instrument. When these actors are allowed to utilize their hidden talents, their characters take on a whole new level of depth. Here are some prime examples of TV characters who can play piano, much to the surprise of viewers.

Skinny Pete, "Breaking Bad"

In Season 5, Badger and Skinny Pete are sent to a music store to pick up some big rolling cases for Walt's mobile lab. While in the music store, Skinny Pete tools around on a keyboard and delivers a beautifully rendered piece of classical music. This performance raises so many questions about Skinny Pete. Where did he learn to play so beautifully? And if he can play that well, what's he doing hanging out with a loser like Badger? Did Skinny Pete once have a music career that got cut short by his meth abuse?

Pierce Hawthorne, "Community"

Fans who have seen every Chevy Chase movie should know that this comic actor also has some musical chops. In the '60s, he even played drums and keyboard for a band. But TV fans who are most familiar with Chase through "Community" might have been surprised by Pierce's musical chops in the episode "Home Economics." In that episode, Pierce joins Vaughn's band. Later in the series, Pierce also "composes" the school song for Greendale.

Manny, "Black Books"

One of the best episodes of this cult classic Britcom is "The Entertainer," where Fran and Bernard pretend to be masterful piano players. Bill Bailey, who plays Manny, plays every single song used in the episode, even those that played "on the radio."

Zach Nichols, "Law & Order: Criminal Intent"

Beloved actor Jeff Goldblum played Zach Nichols for two seasons, and frequently put his piano abilities to good use. One example being the Season 8 episode "Salome in Manhattan," where Goldblum's character uses piano playing to clear his mind and has a breakthrough in the case while playing the instrument.

Dr. House, "House"

In real life, Hugh Laurie plays multiple instruments, sings, and even wrote a novel. Not surprisingly, genius doctor Gregory House shares many of these skills. In addition to playing the guitar, House was also seen playing the piano during the show's run. In one Season 5 episode, he plays the harmonica and the piano at the same time. Hugh Laurie also showcased his piano skills on the British TV program "Jeeves and Wooster."
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