Secretly gay? The TV characters fans love to speculate about

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People love unraveling mysteries and uncovering secrets, especially when those secrets revolve around someone's romantic life. TV fans just can't help themselves: We love to speculate about who is sleeping with who, or who might be hiding their true feelings. One hot topic of conversation is always who might be in the closet. Here are some of the TV characters that fans like to speculate about the most.

Gustavo Fring, "Breaking Bad"

Gus embarks on his elaborate plan of patient revenge against the Cartel after they kill his "hermano" Max Arcinega. The two were partners in both the meth business and the fried chicken business, but many fans wonder if Max and Gus might have also been "partner" partners. Even 20 years after Max was murdered, Gus still thinks about him often. There are pictures of the two men in his home, and Gus even named a scholarship after Max.

Speaking of that scholarship at the University of New Mexico Chemistry department, here's another character that some eagle-eyed fans also think might have been gay: Gale Boetticher, a recipient of that scholarship. If you pay close attention in Season 4, the member of Fring's gang who watches over Gale during all of Season 3 gets surprisingly upset by Gale's death. It's possible Gale was having a relationship with his Fring-sponsored bodyguard, at least according to some fan theories.

Eric Cartman, "South Park"

Eric has had such a long, twisted obsession with making Kyle miserable that some fans wonder if Cartman might simply have a crush on Kyle. Beyond his obsession with Kyle, Cartman has a few other questionable behaviors. For one thing, Cartman's hand was involved in a passionate relationship with Ben Affleck. And let's not even get started on the series of actions that Cartman performs on an unsuspecting Butters. Poor Butters got shipped off to a "pray the gay away" day camp after that stuff went down, and it was all Cartman's fault.

Castiel, "Supernatural"

Fangirls love to pair up Dean Winchester and the angel Castiel, and it's not hard to see where they got that idea. Even though Angels are asexual and ungendered, Castiel has repeatedly shown a great deal of affection toward Dean. From body language to laughter to saving his life, Castiel clearly feels much closer to Dean than to Dean's brother. Does that mean that his feelings go deeper? Perhaps. Female fans of the show certainly seem outspoken about their desire for the two characters to become more than just good friends.

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