Seth MacFarlane as Oscars Host: Hollywood Reacts

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A Female Film Executive Defends Seth MacFarlane's Oscars Performance (Guest Column)

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A Female Film Executive Defends Seth MacFarlane's Oscars Performance (Guest Column)

Seth MacFarlane’s turn as Oscar host drew strong praise and as well as lukewarm responses from his Hollywood colleagues.

Veteran Oscar host Steve Martin gave MacFarlane a thumbs up. “Seth MacFarlane was wonderful and who knew?I did,” he tweeted. Dennis Miller wrote, “Good for Seth McFarlane!”

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But Saturday Night Live alum Chris Kattan tweeted: “While watching #TheOscars, I'm starting to wish Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were there.” (William Shatner, reprising his role as Star Trek Captain James T. Kirk, made a similar observation during the opening, in which he appeared.)

While MacFarlane drew some heat for an opening song about actresses’ breasts, the moment deemed most cringe-worthy came when MacFarlane made a joke about President Abraham Lincoln's assassination. He said that despite the excellent work of Daniel Day-Lewis and others who have portrayed the 16th president, John Wilkes Booth remains the actor who really got inside Lincoln’s head.

When Day-Lewis gave a surprisingly funny acceptance speech, MSNBC contributor Ari Melber opined “Daniel Day Lewis better at making Lincoln jokes than Seth MacFarlane.”

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Others complained of jokes they perceived as sexist. He made an oblique joke about Adele's weight, saying "Rex Reed will be out here to review Adele’s performance of Skyfall." (Reed came under fire for slamming comedian Melissa McCarthy's weight in his Feb. 5 New York Observer review of her comedy Identity Thief.) He also joked about Chris Brown and Rihanna's infamous relationship, which included Brown being arrested for an alleged 2009 assault against her.

Django [Unchained] is a movie where a woman is subjected to violence, or as we call it, a Chris Brown and Rihanna date movie.”

That didn't sit well in some corners.

"Seth MacFarlane's joke about women: Brought to you from the 1950s #OscarWomen" tweeted The Women's Media Center, an advocacy group.

Find out what else Hollywood was tweeting during the 85th Academy Awards below.

While watching #TheOscars, I'm starting to wish Tina Fey and Amy Poehler were there.

— Chris Kattan (@ChrisKattan) February 25, 2013

Good for Seth McFarlane!

— Dennis Miller Show (@DennisDMZ) February 25, 2013

"Well, WE thought you were great!" - Seth McFarlane's family in about four hours.

— Michael Ian Black (@michaelianblack) February 25, 2013

Variety of eminent people branding @sethmacfarlane the best, and worst #Oscars host ever - ergo: perfect casting.

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) February 25, 2013

I keep waiting for Seth MacFarlane to throw both arms up in the air and yell"Yaaay!" like Kermit.

— Duncan Jones (@ManMadeMoon) February 25, 2013

On paper @sethmacfarlane seemed like a really good idea! #Oscars

— Perez Hilton (@PerezHilton) February 25, 2013

The only thing that could make the Oscars gayer, @sethmacfarlane, is if I hosted them

— George Takei (@GeorgeTakei) February 25, 2013

Seth was very good. Hosting is hard. He was funny and edgy and kept it moving along.

— Touré (@Toure) February 25, 2013

Enjoying the Oscars with @sethmacfarlane hosting. Best year yet.

— Peter Facinelli (@peterfacinelli) February 25, 2013

@sethmacfarlaneJob well done. AND he can sing!

— Jonathan Frakes (@jonathansfrakes) February 25, 2013

Seth MacFarlane really belts it in. #Oscars

— Andy Kindler (@AndyKindler) February 25, 2013

Congrats on a great Oscars @sethmacfarlane Thanks for making that so fun #NewClassic

— Seth Green (@SethGreen) February 25, 2013

Seth MacFarlane was wonderful and who knew?I did. But then, I wrote "Cruel Shoes."

— Steve Martin (@SteveMartinToGo) February 25, 2013

Interestingly, Daniel Day-Lewis has been playing Seth MacFarlane this entire night.

— James Poniewozik (@poniewozik) February 25, 2013

@fullyaltered @sethmacfarlane It's already in the can. I think he's doing great.

— marc maron (@marcmaron) February 25, 2013

Seth McFarlane is cynical & horrible & his success is one of those things that actually depresses me about being alive.

— Okkervil River (@okkervilriver) February 25, 2013

No, Seth McFarlane, we don't think that bulet-in-Lincoln's-head jokes are funny. Sorry. Can you go away?

— Amy Davidson (@tnyCloseRead) February 25, 2013

Y'know what? @sethmacfarlane could totally play Elder Price in BOOK OF MORMON. Dude can sing, dance AND he looks squeaky clean... #SMoscars

— KevinSmith (@ThatKevinSmith) February 25, 2013

Great job @sethmacfarlane

— LeVar Burton (@levarburton) February 25, 2013

Loving the #oscars. @sethmacfarlane is a great host!

— Crystal Hefner (@crystalhefner) February 25, 2013
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