'Shark Tank' Reflections: 4 Strangest Pitches and Products

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While other reality shows make participants sing and dance their way to the finale, "Shark Tank" likes to make budding entrepreneurs squirm before a panel of intimidating, self-made millionaires. It is fun to see hopeful people triumph, but the clueless creators, oddball pitches, and wacky products keep it interesting. Here are four of the most memorably strange "Shark Tank" pitches.

1. PureAyre

Entrepreneur James Mitchell touted his odor-eliminating product as safe and natural because it used food-grade ingredients. He proved it by spraying the product directly into his mouth. Obviously, customers are not supposed to eat it, but the mere thought of an edible odor eliminator is horrifying and conjures thoughts of NASA's creative recycling efforts.

Mitchell's kooky pitch led to a subpar offer from the sharks. An assortment of PureAyre products is now available in America and Canada from retailers such as Petco and Whole Foods.

2. Ledge Pillow

Amanda Schlechter's pillow aimed to help women with large breasts or implants comfortably sleep on their stomachs. The wedge-shaped pillow looked a little like a cheese board and propped the torso up to make more room. Her bumpy pitch didn't resonate with the predominantly male panel. The sharks easily rejected it because the market was too small, and she only sold 83 units in the previous three years. Mark Cuban called her a "wantrepreneur."

After the episode aired, sometimes-shark Lori Greiner appeared on "The View" with products from the show. Joy Behar and Sherri Shepherd also panned the Ledge Pillow. If they don't like the ledge pillow, maybe the sharks were right.

3. UroClub

It sounds like a gag gift, but Dr. Floyd Seskin used patient feedback to create a portable, sealable urinal that looks like a golf club. The good doctor acknowledged its potential as a novelty item, but also called it fully functional and a strong seller thanks to his infomercial and website. The fact that a urologist concocted this weird product boosted its credibility, but most of the sharks seemed repulsed. Kevin O'Leary called the UroClub a "pee pee pole." No one mentioned cleaning the UroClub after an afternoon of sloshing around the golf course.

Kevin Harrington made a deal and the UroClub lives. Dr. Seskin's infomercial joins ads for the Shake Weight, Booty Pop, and other classic TV wares on TIME's list of worst infomercials.


4. Throx

Edwin Heaven bundled socks in sets of three so there is always a spare ready to wear. His flashy gestures, banter, and personal style were worthy of a slick Vegas magician and almost hypnotic. He seemed like the Willy Wonka of socks. His offbeat style was unforgettable and mysteriously enthralling, but his rhyming presentation failed to impress the stuffy sharks.

Heaven is as quirky as ever and boosted his signature style for an appearance on "The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch." Hoda and Kathie Lee praised Throx on "Today." Kathie Lee dramatically wore one on her hand and used it to wipe a tear after watching video of Susan Boyle singing. That spare sock is handy, after all.


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