Shaun T. Shares His Miracle Workout on ‘The Dr. Oz Show’

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The Insanity workout set comes with month 1 and month 2 DVDS including a fit test and Plyometric cardio circuits.

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The Insanity workout set comes with month 1 and month 2 DVDS including a fit test and Plyometric cardio …

Shaun T., the fitness coach famous for his Insanity Workout, recently shared a 15-minute "Miracle Workout" on a "Get Your Best Body Back," episode of 'The Dr. Oz Show.'

Dr. Oz had members of the audience bring in their dream outfits or clothes they aspire to fit back into after losing weight.

One audience member brought in her Size 4 wedding dress. Other women brought in small sizes that they haven't squeezed into in at least 10 years.

Dr. Oz introduced Shaun T. who encourages his followers to "dig deeper" with his high-intensity interval training routines.

Shaun T. claims people can go from flab to glam in just 30 days with his special workout. He advises people to go at their own pace and adjust it to what's comfortable and safe for their bodies.

Dr. Oz says his wife swears by the Insanity Workout program. Shaun T. videos are all over his house, he claims.

Dr. Oz invited people onto the stage to try out the workout that is available on The Dr. Oz website.

Dr. Oz even joined in, wearing his blue scrubs and tennis shoes.

Shaun T. says it's important to warm up. He does a straight arm jack to warm up the shoulders. He then does "butt kicks" for the quadriceps.

Then he leads everyone into cross jacks. Then he pushes people to jog quickly.

Shaun T. encourages people to push it up, returning at a faster pace to the cross jacks, butt kicks, and cross jacks. After about four minutes, they take a break and stretch out and then return to the higher intensity moves.

Dr. Oz showed before and after photos of several guests who lost weight and toned up following the Shaun T. program.

Shaun T. diet

Also as part of the program, Shaun T. talked about his No. 1 rule for losing weight in addition to exercise. He says to taper off eating carbs. He recommends a big breakfast of about 600 calories, followed by lunch of 450 calories and dinner of 350 calories.

People who do the Insanity Workout often follow his Elite Nutrition plan.

Breakfast should be 40 percent carbs, 30 percent protein, 30 percent fat. Lunch is 45 percent protein, 25 percent carbs and 30 percent fat. Dinner is 55 percent protein, 15 percent carbs and 30 percent fat.

He suggests eating sweet potatoes every day and fresh fruits and vegetables as opposed to foods that expire within a week.

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