'The Shift' on OWN: Wayne Dyer Hopes to Enlighten, Heighten Awareness, Change the World View

'The Shift' on OWN: Wayne Dyer Hopes to Enlighten, Heighten Awareness, Change the World View

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Wayne Dyer and Oprah Winfrey

Dr. Wayne Dyer has written dozens of books, appeared on thousands of TV and radio shows, and made numerous audio and video programs. But at the tender age of 68, he took another direction. He starred in a dramatic feature film, "The Shift." Several years ago Dyer decided the best way to reach a broad audience with his message was to create a movie that would appeal to the masses.

And so he teamed up with director Michael Goorjian and set out to change the world. This Sunday, April 1, "The Shift" makes it's worldwide television debut on OWN's "Super Soul Sunday" block of television. In a recent interview Dyer talked about OWN, Oprah Winfrey, and what he hopes people take away from the film.

Wayne Dyer Describes 'The Shift.'

"The Shift," which stars Portia de Rossi and Michael DeLuise, intertwines several plotlines about people searching for a higher purpose in life. Dyer plays himself, teaching his principles of putting less emphasis on possessions and shifting towards a higher consciousness.

He stated, "It's this whole journey of moving from your ego and ego consciousness. The ego is the part of us that believes that who we are is what we accumulate, what we accomplish, and what other people think of us, our reputation. This is what we grow up on, this is what we've learned."

Dyer continued, "I've come to learn that this is the false self. That this isn't real. That this idea that 'I am what I do...' is really the idea that has been forced on us, and we've raised our children on it... We've been raised to believe that we're ordinary, and we can't really create miracles."

Wayne Dyer Talks About What He Wants Audiences To Learn from 'The Shift.'

Dyer proclaimed that he wants viewers to find a self-awareness that he has learned from teachings of Eastern philosophers. He noted, "The Tao says, 'What you think of me is none of my business.' The Tao says that, 'You are not what you do. Do less and accomplish more.' It teaches us to let go of our things, not to be attached to them. And to come from an inner place within ourselves - a place of kindness and peace and love and joy. And when you come from those places then you will attract more of what you've always thought to be missing."

He reminded us, "Every single cubic inch of space, and every moment that we have, everything that we gaze upon is an absolute, incredible miracle. And who we are is not these bodies we're in. They keep changing and ultimately we discard them. Who we are is birthless and deathless and changeless. Who we are is really just divine love. Perfect love. And I'd like people to realize that any dispute that you have, any difficulty, any struggle that you're going through can be resolved. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

Wayne Dyer on Oprah and OWN

Dyer stated that he thought OWN was the perfect fit for "The Shift" because he and Oprah have similar visions. "I've always admired her because she could have gone on with her talk show. She was at the height of her popularity, and she made a shift. And the shift that she made was that she was going to create an entire network that is dedicated to the idea of higher consciousness and making these kinds of shifts. And she's doing it at a very high level."

And while Winfrey has been criticized of late for having a rocky start with OWN, Dyer reminded naysayers, "People don't understand the whole struggle process is a part of creating new things."

He described a moment in his childhood to illustrate the point, when he watched a chicken hatching in his egg. His instinct was to help him open the shell because the chick looked like he was having a hard time breaking free. But he was told the chick would die, if not allowed to fight for his life in these first few moments. Dyer related this to OWN, "Struggle and going through the growing pains that are part of all transformations are also a part of the success of it."

Wayne Dyer Says OWN Wants to Shift Away from Violence

He stated that he heard a statistic that an average American child witnesses 12,000 murders on TV, and that this kind of programming would never bee seen on OWN. "To me television is an energy system that is coming in to our homes... You're not going to see that kind of thing on OWN. That's a shift in energy. When kids watch a lot of violence, and they go to the films and watch a lot of violence, and they see a lot of hatred. And they see that the way we solve disputes is by talking nasty to each other and being judgmental."

He added, "Ultimately we're going to have to shift these entertainment systems that we have. We're going to have to shift the way that we make films, which is what we've done here with 'The Shift.' We're going to have to shift what we watch on television, which is what I've done with public television, what Oprah is doing with her network and little by little, moment by moment, little peck by little peck, we'll break through that hard skin and create that kind of world."

Watch "The Shift" on "Super Soul Sunday" on April 1 at 11 a.m. EST/10 a.m Central on OWN.

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