Sibling Partners in Crime, from 'Dexter' to 'Breaking Bad'

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After the shocking events of the Season 7 finale, Season 8 of "Dexter" is expected to explore Deb and Dexter Morgan as partners in crime. Though Deb does have some misgivings about her brother's nocturnal activities, she's clearly thrown her lot in with him. While Deb may not be wrapping up victims in plastic wrap, she is still Dexter's partner in crime.

Dexter and Deb Morgan aren't the only TV siblings who have conspired together for criminal purposes. From gritty dramas to dramatic space operas, these siblings are also PIC.

"Breaking Bad"

Crime on "Breaking Bad" is almost always a family affair. Case in point: the Cousins. Though they are called cousins, Marco & Leonel Salamanca are actually twin brothers who work as hitmen for the Mexican cartel. No two members of the cartel were more feared, more deadly, or more enigmatic.


Simon and River Tam didn't set out to join up with a group of anti-alliance criminals. But after Simon retrieved River from her government kidnappers, the two didn't have much choice in the matter. Though neither was much of a criminal before joining the crew of Serenity, they both have a natural talent for dissembling that makes them valuable con artists.


Ramon and Hector Salazar were narcoterrorists featured in Season 3 of "24." These two brothers were involved in drug smuggling, arms sales, and even the bidding for a deadly virus. Ultimately, Ramon kills Hector -- so much for brotherly love.


Another TV show where crime tends to be a family affair is FX's critically acclaimed series "Justified." Pretty much every criminal on the show is allied with a member of their own family.

There are the Bennetts, a matriarchal drug family. Mags Bennett is the leader, with her three sons -- Doyle, Dickie, and Coover -- acting as her assistants. Dickie and Coover have a tendency to team up on "side projects."

There are also the Crowder brothers, Boyd and Bowman. After Bowman's death, Boyd teams up with his cousin instead.


In this long-running hit from across the pond, siblings Emma and Sean Kennedy were two con artists who first appeared in Season 5. These two grifters worked well as a team and were welcomed by the rest of the con-artist team after Stacie and Danny left.
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