Slow moving storylines in 'American Horror Story: Asylum'

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When "American Horror Story: Asylum" burst onto our screens, fans of the first season were ecstatic. New location, new characters, new storylines to dissect. What's not to love? However, after four episodes within the walls of Briarcliff, the pace has been very slow to pick up. There have been many events which have added extreme shock value, but the substance to back it up has left some fans wondering if there is anything worth coming back for. Here is a look at a few of the sluggish storylines that have been created so far.

The monster in the woods

The teaser trailers for "American Horror Story: Asylum," showed a nun carrying buckets of limbs into the woods. We now know Dr. Arden (James Cromwell) is keeping something deep within the trees, and he has Sister Mary Eunice (Lily Rabe) go out to feed it. Four weeks later, the monster is not only still a mystery, it wasn't even mentioned in the most recent episode, which leaves us wondering just how important it really is.

Bloody Face

Before the new season began, fans were informed that Bloody Face would be this year's Rubber Man. Although the story of Bloody Face is linked with Kit's (Evan Peters) story, it has all been a little hit and miss on who he really is. The murders of women -- brutally killed, skinned, and decapitated -- does make a brief appearance in every episode, but Bloody Face has somehow yet to make the impact Rubber Man had in Season 1.

Sister Mary Eunice's possession

Right from the first episode, Sister Mary Eunice was this sweet, shy little thing who was deathly afraid of Sister Jude (Jessica Lange). The innocent nun had a severe personality transformation, hitting on Dr. Arden, and getting all flirty and dirty! Gone is her fear of Sister Jude, and her nerves are a thing of the past. This has all happened since she was seemingly possessed by a demon during Episode 2, but aside from a couple of tiny comments, nobody has really brought it up. Surely her change in behavior should warrant a lot more attention?

These three plotlines have the potential to keep viewers coming back every week, but if they remain stagnant, interest levels will drop. Although there has been some advancement with Kit and Grace's (Lizzie Brochere) stories, it has still been very slow to get moving. If there isn't a bit more action in the coming episodes, can "American Horror Story: Asylum" survive for another season? Or did it reach its peak in 2011?

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