‘Spartacus’: What’s next for the Australian men of the cast?

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Rounding out the successful "Spartacus" series on Starz, "Spartacus: War of the Damned" begins on Jan. 25 at 9 PM EST. Throughout its run, "Spartacus" has featured a mostly Australian cast, presenting fresh faces to an American audience. With the end of such a successful series in sight, "Spartacus" fans wonder what's next for these Australian actors.

Liam McIntyre (Spartacus)

After original Spartacus actor Andy Whitfield died in September of 2011, Aussie actor Liam McIntyre took on the enormous responsibility of picking up the role. McIntyre did this with an astounding amount of respect toward Whitfield's contributions and the show's fans -- and his performance in the series proves his devotion to the role.

McIntyre brings a grim and dramatic edge to the character. While he doesn't have anything officially listed on his lineup, his toned physique and perfection of the serious character make him ideal for future premium channel series with epic scopes. He'll likely land another major series role on a premium network before crossing over to the big screen -- though Hollywood seems to have room for the latest crop of Australian acting talent.

Manu Bennett (Crixus)

One of the most prolific actors in the "Spartacus" cast, Manu Bennett appears as Azog the Goblin in "The Hobbit" movie trilogy. "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" is currently in theaters; "The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug" and "The Hobbit: There and Back Again" are in post-production.

Additionally, Bennett appears in the critically acclaimed 2012 Australian hit TV series "Bikie Wars."

Dustin Clare (Gannicus)

Noted for portraying the arrogant and skilled former gladiator and rebel Gannicus, actor Dustin Clare will be featured in two upcoming films. Both are set in contemporary times. Clare plays the principal role of Charlie in "Sunday," a film set in post-earthquake Christchurch, New Zealand. According to the film synopsis, Charlie plays the father of a forthcoming child and must resolve issues with Eve (Camille Keenan).

Clare's other forthcoming film is entitled "Goddess." Little information is available on this project. Like "Sunday," it is scheduled to be released in 2013 and is currently in post-production.

Todd Lasance (Caesar)

Todd Lasance plays Caesar in "Spartacus: War of the Damned" -- and his role may not end with the conclusion of the series. Rumor indicates that Starz may initiate a spin-off series centering around his character. Until then, you can catch Lasance in "Bikie Wars."

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