Speak now or forever hold your peace: Bad TV weddings that should have been stopped

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With Valentine's Day on the horizon, love is in full bloom on television. But when it comes to TV wedding stories, though, they aren't all hearts and flowers. In fact, there have been a few times when fans wished they could have objected in the middle of a TV wedding ceremony. (You know, like Benjamin Braddock did so awesomely in the movie "The Graduate.") Check out these bad TV weddings that have us speaking now and not forever holding our peace!

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries: "Keeping Up With the Kardashians"

Oh, the buildup! The flowers, the dress(es!), the A-list guests, the Robin Thicke serenade -- culminating with the big pay day! All for a marriage that lasted 72 days and is still spewing divorce drama. Kim Kardashian's 2011 made-for-TV wedding extravaganza to NBA star Kris Humphries was packaged as "Kim's Fairytale Wedding," but the union ended before she even got the thank-you notes mailed out. A fairytale indeed.

Ross Gellar and Emily Waltham: "Friends"

On a 1998 episode of the hit sitcom "Friends," Ross Gellar (David Schwimmer) finally said the words that viewers had been waiting to hear: "I, Ross, take thee, Rachel." Too bad he was marrying a gal named Emily at the time. Of course, the bride-to-be was hopping mad and went into hiding far, far away from her fickle groom. Ross spent the next few episodes trying to hunt down his frosty bride, but the only good thing that came out of this looney London wedding was the hot hookup of Monica and Chandler.

Clark Kent and Lois Lane: "Smallville"

The 2011 series finale of the CW fantasy drama "Smallville" gave us the long-awaited wedding of Clark Kent and Lois Lane (Tom Welling and Eric a Durance), but the nuptials were interrupted by a hazardous gold kryptonite wedding band and a tale from the Darkseid. Viewers knew this too-good-to-be-true wedding was doomed from the get go, so we would have stopped it before the groom got tossed out of the church window. Oh well, at least we finally got to see Clark don his Superman suit... sort of.

Cristina Yang and Preston Burke: "Grey's Anatomy"

Back in her intern days, "Grey's Anatomy" doc Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) only got fancy when it came to her suturing techniques. So when her 2007 wedding to chief cardiothoracic surgeon Preston Burke turned into a lavish affair, Yang got cold feet and Burke stopped the ceremony. Of course, we knew the union wasn't ever going to happen well before that and would have relished the opportunity to put the kibosh on this charade ourselves. Fortunately, those honeymoon tickets to Hawaii didn't go to waste; Yang took the trip with her BFF Meredith, while Burke skipped town for good.

Mike Brady and Carol Tyler Martin: "The Brady Bunch"

On the 1969 pilot for "The Brady Bunch," the widowed Carol (Florence Henderson) and widower Mike (Robert Reed) really seemed to love each other, but their blended Brady bunch got off on the wrong foot. Who can forget the bickering kids, Tiger the dog, Fluffy the cat, and the wedding buffet table and multi-tiered cake that came crashing to the ground mid-ceremony? But the worst part of this matrimonial mess was the worrywart newlyweds, who spent the beginning of their honeymoon feeling guilty for yelling at their kids. What else to do but go wake the sleeping six out of their beds and bring them on the honeymoon, too? (Not to mention the cat, the dog, and the housekeeper!) We're not saying Mike and Carol shouldn't have tied the knot, but maybe they should have just eloped!

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