The Spirit of Kanye West Interrupts Hayden Panettiere at MTV Europe Music Awards

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Kanye West at the Vanity Fair kickoff part for the 2009 Tribeca Film Festival.

Last Sunday the spirit of Kanye West reared its ugly head when a streaker ran onstage at the MTV Europe Music Awards. The staged act, played brilliantly by Irish actor, David Monahan, surprised his target, "Heroes," star Hayden Panettiere.

The young actress apologized for the antic but Monahan stayed true to form when he cupped his privates and played the stalkerish fan part. "So um, enough about me. You were in that show 'Heroes,' yeah?"

Panettiere invited the man out for a drink afterward and upon conclusion of the somewhat staged act, Monahan ran off yelling, "She was a cheerleader!"

As fun as this charade was, the only thing I could think about were the many times Kanye West took it upon himself to interrupt the night's event.

2009 Video Music Awards:

In 2009, the rapper intrusively rushed the stage while Taylor Swift accepted the award for Best Female Video at the Video Music Awards. West focused the attention on himself by protesting his support of Beyoncé and her video being, according to West, "one of the best videos of all time."

Like Panettiere, Swift stood there in shock, as did millions of viewers and those in attendance which included a stunned Beyoncé. However, unlike the staged skit that actor Monahan was involved with, West's rant was not well received.

After West realized nobody was in his corner, the rapper exited and fans began clapping in support of Swift and her achievement.

2007 Video Music Awards:

West managed to draw more awareness to his weirdness when he ranted about his performance being inside the Palms' Hugh Hefner Sky Villa rather than on the VMA's main stage. No matter where the "Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" singer shows up, it's unknown whether or not he will make a fool of himself.

2004 American Music Awards:

The "Late Registration" engineer was at it again when he stormed out of the AMA's for "being robbed" in the Best New Artist category. This should have been the first sign of something weird brewing.

2006 MTV Europe Music Awards:

After losing the Best Video Award, the "College Dropout" artist crashed the stage at the MTV Europe Music Awards and unleashed a profanity filled diatribe. And that brings us back to the MTV Europe Music Awards.

Streaker the New Kanye:

Regardless of how successful Monahan's act was against Panettiere at the MTV Europe Music Awards, anytime someone rushes on stage anywhere for any reason, I will always think about Kanye West. Maybe this is West's plan to get attention to himself. After all, Monahan is an actor and it would not surprise me one bit if West paid him to go up there. This could be yet another one of the "Gold Digger" rapper's beautiful dark twisted fantasies.

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