The Stars of ‘Best Ink’ Explain How Skins React to Getting Tattooed by Losing Contestants

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If someone signs up to be a model on "Project Runway," what's the worst that could happen? Their designer's dress is ugly, and they strip it off the second they leave the catwalk. Even on a series like "Sheer Genius," a bad haircut will grow out eventually.

But the people who sign up to get a tattoo during a "Best Ink" challenge, are taking a much bigger risk. Each week the reality show's contestants will permanently ink their clients. The winner will collect a $100,000 prize and a cover story in Tattoo magazine. The losers will be sent home one by one.

People Who Sign Up for 'Best Ink' Will Get a Permanent Tattoo

As with other competition shows, there will be a piece of work that is dubbed the best and one that is declared the worst. So it might seem like it would be difficult to find people who would want to take the risk. But in a recent conference call interview, the series' hosts said the task proved easier than one might think.

Kimberly Caldwell and Joe Capobianco Share How People Reacted To Their 'Best Ink' Tattoos

Recording artist Kimberly Caldwell of "American Idol" fame, world-renowned tattoo artist Joe Capobianco and model and tattoo artist Sabina Kelley explained that the people who signed on to get tattoos really wanted them. And in each episode these subjects will share their reasons behind the body art that they are requesting from the competing artists.

They addressed how the tattoo-ees reacted to the work they had done, even if their artist ended up in the bottom. Caldwell was happy to report that even the subjects of the lower ranking contestants were pleased with the results, "The good thing was is that every single, what we call a skin or the people actually getting tattooed, every single one of them was ecstatic. Not one person left the show or the shop unhappy. Everybody was really, really happy with their specific tattoos."

Joe Capobianco Doles Out Detailed Critiques to 'Best Ink' Contestants

That's not to say those losing artists didn't have room to grow. As Capobianco noted, "That's a testament to the tattooer. That's to show how talented these individuals are, that they're doing tattoos that these people are taking a huge chance on these individuals on just on the word that we say that they're the tops. On the flip side of this, if they do listen to what I have to say, they can be very easily offended because I am looking at things with such a technical eye that I am going to tear up what these people consider to be the best tattoo."

Judge the quality of the artwork for yourself when "Best Ink" premieres on Tuesday, March 27 at 10 p.m. EST/9 p.m. Central on Oxygen.

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