The stars of 'Lost': Where are they now?

On August 3, the film "Soldiers of Fortune" starring Christian Slater, Sean Bean, Ving Rhames and Dominic Monaghan hits the big screen. Monaghan has worked steadily since the ending of "Lost," but what about the rest of the cast? Here's an update on some of the stars.

Dominic Monaghan

After playing the lovable Charlie Pace on "Lost," Monaghan went on to be the bad guy on "FlashFoward," the much-too-short-lived sci-fi show. He also took a shot at a web series called "Goodnight Burbank" and returned to the big screen with "The Day." He is currently shooting a feature film titled "Monster Butler" due out in 2013.

Jorge Garcia

Since playing Hurley on "Lost," Jorge Garcia, most notably landed a role on "Alcatraz" as Dr. Diego Soto. He was part of an hush-hush agency set up to uncover the mysteries of the inmates and guards of the famous prison. Sadly for Garcia and fans, the show was canceled before the secret was revealed. These days the actor is in production on a new movie called "When We Were Pirates," set for release later this year.

Nestor Carbonell

Nestor Carbonell played Richard, the trusty adviser to the Others on "Lost." Most recently he appeared on the big screen as the Mayor of Gotham in the latest Batman flick, "The Dark Knight Rises," a role he originated in "The Dark Knight." He also has a recurring guest spot on "Wilfred," as the lover of the sister of Elijah Wood's character. And up until its recent cancellation, he starred alongside Sarah Michelle Gellar in CW's "Ringer."

Matthew Fox

Fox, who played Jack Shephard, the leader of the survivors of the Oceanic plane crash, sadly has spent much of his time since the end of "Lost" trying to find his way. He allegedly was involved in an altercation with a drive on a party bus and was arrested for DUI. Hopefully Fox's upcoming role in "Alex Cross" will get him back on the road to being known for his acting not his off-screen antics.

Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline Lilly, who played the "Lost" heroin Kate Austen, went from shooting the TV series on the isles of Hawaii to filming the two-part "Hobbit" movies in New Zealand. She will portray Tauriel, an elf from Mirkwood.

Michael Emerson

Michael Emerson, who portrayed the evil Benjamin Linus on "Lost," has slipped into the role of good guy with less-than-up-and-up means in the series "Person of Interest." Also watch for Emerson in an upcoming yet-to-be-titled Woody Allen project sometime in 2013.

Emilie de Ravin

After playing new mother Claire Littleton on "Lost," de Ravin entered a fairytale world, portraying Belle in the ABC series "Once Upon a Time." She appeared on four episodes in Season 1, but this fall she will become a series regular. She can also been seen in September in the mini-series called "Air Force One is Down."

Terry O'Quinn

Terry O'Quinn's portrayal of John Locke on "Lost" won him an Emmy for Best Supporting Actor. So big things are expected when O'Quinn stars in the new series "666 Park Avenue" this September, as the owner of a building suspected of being haunted by ghosts. O'Quinn also joined fellow "Lost" star, Daniel Dae Kim, for 10 episodes of "Hawaii Five-0." Kim has played Chin Ho Kelly on the series for two seasons and will rejoin the cast for Season 3 this fall.

Ian Somerhalder

Ian Somerhalder only played Boone Carlyle on "Lost" for a little over one season, but he left a big impression. He just may be one of the most familiar faces to emerge from the series since it ended. His popularity can be chalked up to his role as Damon Salvatore on "The Vampire Diaries," heading into its fourth season this fall.

Henry Ian Cusick

Henry Ian Cusick, who portrayed the shipwrecked Desmond Hume on "Lost," was most recently seen on the new Shonda Rhimes series "Scandal." He appeared in all seven episodes of the first season, but he will not return for Season 2. But have no fear Cusick fans, he has three films in the works - "Not Another Happy Ending," "The Girl on the Train" and "Frank vs. God."

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