Steve-O says 'Killer Karaoke' is 'delightfully uncomfortable'

The 'Jackass' star opens up about his new TruTV show

Steve-O says 'Killer Karaoke' is 'delightfully uncomfortable'

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Steve-O from 'Killer Karaoke'

Steve-O (a.k.a. Stephen Glover) rose to fame through the "Jackass" franchise, where he participated in outrageous stunts and pranks for the pure entertainment of it all. Steve is now bringing everything he learned in his days as a "Jackass" to a new series for truTV called "Killer Karaoke." The premise is simple, yet hilarious -- contestants sing karaoke while being assaulted with all sorts of elements from snakes to electrocution. Steve-O is the host of the series, which is sure to keep audiences laughing.

In a recent exclusive interview, he discussed how he got involved in the show: "I got an email with a clip and looked at it, and I thought it was funny… The network was looking for a funny guy who could lend some credibility to chaotic challenges."

Steve-O explains the premise of 'Killer Karaoke'

Each show is set up in three rounds. Steve-O explained, "Two people sing with different challenges each. The audience will vote through one of them. And after three rounds, we wind up with three finalists, and we throw them on the wheel."

"The wheel" he referred to is the giant turntable, which is just as it sounds. Players step out onto the round device and start singing. Steve described what happens next, "A big round turntable starts spinning somewhat slowly and increases in speed. It also comes up and tilts, as well. The whole time the wheel is spinning, the prize money is increasing. The longer you stay on the wheel, the more money you get. It ultimately reaches such incredible speed that it's physically impossible to stay on. You see these three people begin singing, and it starts spinning fast and faster. It's very uncomfortable to watch in a delightful way."

Players confront their fears

Many of the challenges ask contestants to confront their fears head on -- snakes, tarantulas, eels, and so much more. Steve-O stated, "Wherever it's possible to cater to people's fears, we absolutely do. But that's not 100 percent of the time that we're able to do that, but we definitely take advantage of that whenever possible."

Steve-O hopes viewers will tune in out of curiosity to see just how people sing while being dipped n a rank of eels or electrocuted with tiny shocks. But he also thinks they'll stay and come back for more. He remarked, "We had a live audience in the studio. And the measure of whether it was working or not for me is how that audience is reacting. It wasn't a live show, and the audiences were there for really quite extended periods of time -- but when we were rolling, the audience was really reacting despite having been there for many hours. I think that's the true measure of how it went."

Personally he stated, "I thought it was hilarious. That was really important for me to keep it funny the whole time, and we were able to do that."

Tune in to "Killer Karaoke" when it premieres on Friday, Nov. 23 at 9 PM EST on truTV.

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