Subblime: A New Source of Money for YouTube Stars

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Subblime: A New Source of Money for YouTube Stars

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Subblime: A New Source of Money for YouTube Stars

Subblime, a new online hub for YouTube stars to shared products they love (and generate revenue in the process), launched publicly on Tuesday. The site has been in a private beta stage for months. It has already drawn YouTube creators like Elle Walker and Kristina Horner to publish lists of their favorite items.

Fans who join Subblime immediately subscribe to their favorite YouTubers' lists and can choose to favorite it or buy it.

"The idea of brands trying to work with traditional celebrities is a tried and true opportunity," co-founder and CEO Adam Winnick told TheWrap, arguing that brands only seek out a select few stars on their own. Subblime applies the idea en masse, targeting YouTube creators big and small.

"My number one customer is the content creator on YouTube and my goal for them is to help them grow their business," he added, noting that everyone on YouTube is looking for additional revenue streams to buttress the influx of ad dollars.

Winnick made frequent analogies to examples in traditional media such as "The Biggest Loser," which made a lot of its money from integrating fitness apparel and dietary supplements into the fabric of the show.

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While the biggest stars on YouTube might be able to score product placements, there are thousands who can use this as a way to forge stronger connections with their fans and, eventually, certain brands.

"These content creators have more authenticity and offer more than a traditional celebrity. We help people discover products and build a deeper emotional connection to their favorite people on YouTube," Winnick said.

While some brands would expect immediate transactions on their own sites, others are less demanding.

"We have a pipeline of emerging brands all looking to work with people," Winnick said. "If we really want to attract brands, we need to have more channels and more people signed up. We're trying to make this more accessible now."

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