‘Suits’ is back! Catch up on the first half of Season 2

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USA's original legal drama "Suits" has received rave reviews ever since its premiere back in the summer of 2011. "Suits" went on hiatus after August's midseason finale, and fans of the show have been champing at the bit for new episodes. Tonight, we get one!

New episode "Blind-Sided" picks right up where the story left off. Here's a quick refresher to bring you up to speed for the second half of Season 2.

When we last visited Pearson Hardman, Louis had cast the deciding vote in a partner's meeting, making Daniel Hardman the new managing partner. Hardman and Louis worked together to make life miserable for Harvey and Mike, who had supported Jessica's bid for the managing partner chair. Harvey lost his office, got slammed with paperwork, and lost sole access to the best associate at the firm, Mike.

Meanwhile, still reeling from his grandmother's death, Mike started using drugs again to cope with the pain. Also reeling from the end of his relationship with Rachel, Mike got involved with his ex-girlfriend, Tess, who is now married.

Frustrated with their professional situation, Mike and Harvey got high after work and decided to mess with Louis. At the office, they found Louis snooping in Harvey's office and threaten him. The next day, Louis strikes back, and has Hardman try and force Harvey to take a drug test in an effort to get him fired.

Harvey refuses, and this forces a partners meeting to be called, where Harvey will formally be let go. However, Harvey and Mike turn this meeting to their advantage. At the meeting, the two present testimony that Hardman planted evidence in the Coastal Motors case, conspired with Tanner, and plotted to make off with hundreds of thousands of dollars in money due to the partners.

While the accusations were all true, Mike did present one piece of evidence that wasn't on the up-and-up: a "signed" affidavit from a Coastal Motors employee that backed up the story. However, Mike, not the guilty party, signed the document. Based on this evidence (which no one at the meeting actually read), the board voted to fire Hardman.

It's unlikely that Hardman is gone for good, though. Many fans think he will return to make another power play before the end of the season. Fans are also excited to see how the love triangle between Mike, Rachel, and Tess will resolve itself. The second half of this season is shaping up to be intense!

"Suits" is back on Thursday, 1/17 at 10 PM ET on USA.

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