'Suits': Best songs used in Season 2

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USA's legal drama "Suits" is beloved by fans for two main reasons: The wonderful relationships between the characters and the outstanding selection of music that peppers every episode. The music in the show's first season included tracks from The Generationals, The Black Keys, The Airborne Toxic Event, and Vampire Weekend.

Music is also a theme that's weaved throughout the show. Ace attorney Harvey Specter's office is crammed with shelves of old records, and many of his conversations with Mike Ross revolve around music and various bands. Some of the musical acts that Harvey has in his collection include The Spinners, Charles Bradley, Eddie Hope and the Mannish Boys, Sharon Jones, and Willie Davis.

Harvey's sensibility for classic tunes has been translated into some interesting musical choices in Season 2. "The Rubberband Man," a classic song by '70s group The Spinners, is used in the fourth episode of Season 2 in the scene where Harvey "gives" Mike over to Louis. Another classic track, "Disco Inferno" by The Trammps, is played during Episode 9 as Louis struts through the office after being promoted.

One of the most impactful songs used in Season 2 is "Wish You Were Here" by Lee Fields & The Expressions, which is played when Harvey is by his father's graveside.

Not surprisingly, the music that plays in the final cut of the episode isn't the same as what the actors might listen to on the set. For example, the song that plays in the Season 2 premiere when Mike is dancing in the elevator is "Aint Nuthin'" by Danny Lütz. However, actor Patrick J. Adams revealed on Twitter that the song he listened to while filming to get him in the dancing mood was "Yeah" by LCD Soundsystem.

If you're the kind of person who needs music to add to your running playlist, you might take a cue from the fifth episode of the season. The track that plays as Harvey runs through Central Park is the appropriately named "Blood Pressure" by Mutemath.

The Black Keys were featured way back in the show's pilot episode, which included their track "Howlin For You." The Black Keys are also featured in Season 2. Their song "Gold on the Ceiling" plays during Episode 6, when Harvey and Mike walk through the doors of the casino.

If you're a fan of the show who wants to learn more about the music heard in each episode, there are several sites to check out. The Tumblr Songs in Suits does recaps after each episode. Another useful site that can help identify songs is TuneFind.

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