Which 'Suits' Characters Should Return in Season 3 (and Why!)

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Season 3 of USA's critically acclaimed legal drama "Suits" is set to premiere on July 16. But for fans who claim "Suits" as their favorite TV show, months of waiting for new episodes can be excruciating.

Not much is known about the direction of Season 3's storyline; it's safe to assume, though, recurring characters like Daniel Hardman, Scottie, and Edward Darby (Jessica's new named partner) will all play pivotal roles in the coming episodes. But there are plenty of other minor characters that the show should consider bringing back. Here are some important characters that "Suits" needs to bring back for Season 3.

Harold Jakowski

It was definitely time for Harold to leave Pearson Hardman: His nerves were too brittle to keep putting up with Louis Litt's management style. But Harold should make a couple of appearances in Season 3; fans love him, and it would be interesting to see Harold come into his own and maybe even face off against Mike in court.

Travis Tanner

There aren't many attorneys who can get under Harvey's skin, so bringing back Tanner is a must. The two have great antagonistic chemistry, so it's a no-brainer. Tanner's in Manhattan full-time now, so perhaps he and Harvey could try competing outside of the courtroom. What would happen if he made a play for Donna's affections?

Trevor Evans

Trevor tried to ruin Mike's life in the Season 1 finale and hasn't been seen since. Mike and Trevor have a lot of unfinished business, and a conflict between them would be dynamite. If Season 3 wants to up the stakes, having Mike involved in a violent tussle with Trevor would make for a great plot point. To date, nobody in the main cast has been linked with a violent crime or murder: this could raise the drama for the show and keep the series thrilling as it begins to age.

Edith Ross

Edith Ross, Mike's grandmother, was a fan-favorite despite not having much screen time in the first two seasons. She has since passed away, but the show has previously done a flashback episode. If the show does another flashback episode, fans will demand the return of Grammy Edith!

Lola the hacker

Featured in the show's first season, Lola the hacker crossed paths with Mike when he uncovered her embezzlement from her father's company. In the end, Lola and Mike struck up a little bit of a friendship. As a show of good faith, Lola used her hacking skills to add Mike to the Harvard alumni database and procured a diploma for him. Lola has a ton of potential to make life interesting for Mike, so she should definitely be brought back to Manhattan in Season 3.
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