'Suits' episode ‘He’s Back’ recap: We love to hate Hardman

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'Suits' episode ‘He’s Back’ recap: We love to hate Hardman

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SUITS -- "He's Back" Episode 214 -- Pictured: (l-r) Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson, Gabriel Macht as …

The "Suits" episode titled "He's Back" refers to the return of Daniel Hardman (David Costabile). Man, that guy is such a pain! He's the perfect character for viewers to love hating. This episode continues from the previous episode, "Zane vs Zane." Rachel's father, Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce), had just informed Jessica (Gina Torres) and Harvey (Gabriel Macht) that he had farmed out the sexual harassment case to Hardman. Mr. Zane was enough of a jerk to love hating, but the addition of Hardman adds a whole new level of ass-hattery.

The Sloane Moseley deposition

Hardman shows up at the office, presumably to question Sloane Moseley (Lorry Ayers); Pearson Hardman's client who is suing for sexual harassment. But Hardman seems confused. He asks her questions about Harvey and Jessica before revealing that he is referring to a different case: a $10 million lawsuit against Pearson Hardman for the wrongful termination of Monica Eaton (Gina Holden). The worst part is that he got the whole idea from Mike (Patrick J. Adams).

To settle or not to settle

Harvey and Jessica have an ongoing battle throughout the episode on whether to settle the case. Harvey wants to settle, but Jessica wants a battle. Additionally, Hardman managed to sic the pair on each other. Hardman simply knows way too much about both of them, and things that normally go unspoken -- such as Harvey not being able to replace Hardman's name in the company with his own -- become points of contention in a mini civil war between the two.

Donna, Louis, and Hardman

Louis (Rick Hoffman) confesses to Donna (Sarah Rafferty) that he is sorry for everything. It's his fault that Hardman was able to gain a foothold on the company, and nearly cause its destruction. But it was Hardman who set the whole thing up, knowing Louis's weaknesses.

When Hardman arrives for Jessica's deposition, Donna is there to greet him at the entry. Donna truly hates Hardman for setting her up and getting her fired. He had revolved the entire previous attempt to destroy Pearson Hardman around a mistake that Donna never made in the first place.

Donna escorts Hardman to the "conference room," which used to be Hardman's office. She then proceeds to "b---- slap" him... twice. It took awhile to "feng shui the evil out," and now Donna has transferred the evil feelings he had left inside her to his face. Once that's taken care of, she informs him that he "can leave now," because the deposition is taking place in the "other conference room."

Jessica's deposition

Jessica had made a rash decision when she jumped at the chance to get Hardman out of her hair once and for all. She signed a confidentiality agreement to make him go away. Because of that signature, Hardman is able to have his way with her. He basically calls her "bitter and barren" in the deposition, asking questions she cannot answer because of the confidentiality agreement. He twists each non-answer into a personal attack against Jessica, and there's nothing she can do about it because she can't answer with the truth of the situation. Hardman is a truly horrible human being!

Mike's big idea

Mike comes to Jessica with an idea on how to win the case. Unfortunately, Hardman takes a tactic Mike and Harvey never saw coming: They blame everything on Louis. Apparently, Louis had been attracted to Monica, and everyone knew it. They twist everything that happened into sexual harassment, claiming that she had been "harassed" by Louis. Because of the confidentiality agreement, nobody at Pearson Hardman can mention that Monica was sleeping with Hardman and that Hardman used to constantly tease Louis about Monica.

Mike gets the case settled

Mike finally convinces Monica to settle the case by showing her the cases of real sexual harassment that Pearson Hardman is fighting for Sloane Moseley and others. Monica is just upset that Jessica fired her for sleeping with Hardman, but her sexual harassment case against Pearson Hardman is affecting the chances of Pearson Hardman's success in their sexual harassment cases.

Louis's threat

Louis threatens to kill Hardman by ripping his "smug face" off his "fat neck" if he so much as gives him "the incorrect time." The moment is both uncomfortable and vindicating. And the "incorrect time" comment is hilarious. Thank you, Louis! That may not win the team any cases, but it sure feels good to see the look on Hardman's face when his life is threatened.

The Harvey/Donna moment

There was a small moment between Harvey and Donna that must be mentioned. After Donna tells Harvey about how she slapped Hardman, he says, "You're beautiful." Donna's face brightens, then immediately turns down when she realizes the words were meant for Jessica.

Rachel is going to Harvard!

Rachel (Meghan Markle) has trouble filling out her Harvard application until Mike tells her a couple of important points about how he got hired at Pearson Hardman. He tells her that Harvey nearly laughed him out of the room until Mike realized that he didn't care anymore; he just knew what he wanted. He simply informed Harvey that he would be the best lawyer Harvey had ever seen. Rachel realizes that she simply loves being a lawyer. She has been a paralegal for a long time because she loves the work, and she'll be a great attorney.

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