'Suits' episode ‘Blood in the Water’ recap: Pearson Hardman’s civil war aftermath

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'Suits' episode ‘Blood in the Water’ recap: Pearson Hardman’s civil war aftermath

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SUITS -- "Blood in the Water" -- Pictured: (l-r) Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter, Diane Neal as Allison …

The "Suits" episode "Blood in the Water" worked on healing the wounds set in place over the course of the season. Mike (Patrick J. Adams) and Louis (Rick Hoffman) have the most to answer for in this case, but Harvey (Gabriel Macht) has to find another way to resolve his anger at the world after having lost Zoe, rather than taking it all out on Mike and Louis. If the wounds are to heal, Harvey must be able to forgive them.

Is it the civil war causing them to drop like flies?

Pearson Hardman has a big problem. Their clients are moving to another firm. The clients smell the "blood in the water" left over by the firm's civil war, and they want out. But is that the whole story? Mike learns that it isn't. He runs into Jimmy (Pooch Hall), who informs Mike that he's working at a new firm, but lets another juicy tidbit of information slip, as well: The other firm is poaching Pearson Hardman's associates.

When Mike brings the information to Harvey, he becomes furious that all the associates are being pulled from Louis's side of the pond. Harvey figures that it must have to do with the woman Daniel Hardman brought on board, Allison Holt (Diane Neal), whom Jessica (Gina Torres) fired. It also must have to do with Louis continuing to betray Pearson Hardman.

Harvey's big blow-up

Louis can no longer be trusted after everything he did to betray Harvey. Louis also betrayed the firm, in a sense, by initially taking Hardman's side in the civil war. The worst part was that he did it just so he could become senior partner. The only problem with that theory is that Louis would never knowingly betray the firm. As soon as he learned of Hardman's betrayal of the firm, he jumped off Hardman's ship.

Harvey won't listen. You can't really blame him. Louis did target all of his initial wrath toward Harvey, after all. He even tried to see to it that Harvey would be fired. With anger already built up from Zoe's absence, he swipes everything off Louis's desk and informs Louis that he's "done" with him. He wants Louis gone, and there's no longer anything Louis can do to redeem himself.

Mike receives payback -- on his face

Meanwhile, Mike finally gets his act together, but not quickly enough for Harvey's taste. Mike cleans up his apartment, and himself, but it makes him tardy. Being tardy is no good when dealing with Harvey's fragile state. Telling Harvey to "chill out" is even more exasperating for Harvey. Mike gets one of Harvey's mini-tirades hurled at him. Even Mike is asked to leave the firm, but Donna (Sarah Rafferty) convinces Harvey that Mike only deserved a "slap," not to be "thrown across the room" with his words.

Later, Mike literally does get thrown across the room... or the pavement, in this case. Tess's husband shows up and beats the living daylights out of him. The beating turns out to be a good thing in two ways.

First: Mike deserved it, which becomes a point of discussion with Harvey. Harvey becomes chivalrous, threatening to beat up the guy who did it, until he realizes that Mike really did deserve it. Mike won't tell him that it was because he slept with someone's wife but does mention that it has to do with Harvey's story about his own mother and father. In that case, Harvey realizes Mike "got off easy."

Second: Mike runs into Louis right after Louis decides to resign after receiving the brunt of Harvey's anger. Mike decides to help Louis stay on board by redeeming himself. Louis helps Harvey to keep a big client, as well as win over an even bigger client. Only after proving that Allison Holt's offer through the competing firm was too good to be true, though.

One thing Harvey always has on his side is that he genuinely tries to get the best deal for his clients, which is what normally keeps them loyal. In the end, Harvey rips up Louis's resignation, signalling to Louis that he's willing to heal their wounds.

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