‘Suits’ episode ‘Break Point’ recap and review: Why Donna, why?

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Donna (Sarah Rafferty) has been one of the most entertaining characters on "Suits," but the episode "Break Point" proves that she may not be as loyal as Harvey (Gabriel Macht), and "Suits" fans, had originally thought. What was she thinking? One huge mistake can spell the end of a career, but follow-up mistakes and bad reactions can destroy relationships, as well.

Too many lies

Donna lied to save herself after finding the missing document in the previous episode, "Discovery." She lied to Mike (Patrick J. Adams). She lied to Harvey. She even lied to Rachel (Meghan Markle). Mike had to figure it out on his own, based on Donna's strange behavior. If she had simply told the truth in the beginning, Harvey would have easily forgiven her. The worst part is that she lied to protect herself, then lied again by telling Harvey that she did it to protect him.

Too many mistakes

Donna's first mistake was lying. Her second mistake was to wait for Mike to tell Harvey what happened rather than telling him herself. But then she put the nail in her own coffin by shredding the document. Worse yet, she shredded it after Mike figured out what was going on, warned her not to do it, and told her that he was going to tell Harvey about it. That was the dumbest possible move because Harvey still would have forgiven her through all the lies if she had at least saved the document.

The sacrifice

Harvey still holds out hope. He still does not fire Donna. But he also does not save her once Jessica (Gina Torres) steps in to do the dirty work. Just one truth or one less mistake could have saved her. Harvey would have gone to bat for her, even risking to sacrifice his own job to protect her, if she simply did just one thing right.

A simple "I'm sorry" could fix everything

Donna can still be saved! Harvey realizes why he has little desire to save his dear assistant near the end of the episode. Donna never said she was sorry. Perhaps a simple apology could bring Harvey back on her team. Perhaps she can talk to the family who has brought the fraud suit against Pearson Hardman and somehow save the day. It doesn't seem likely, but "Suits" has a way of working things out in the most surprising ways.

"Suits" does the unexpected, so perhaps Donna will still be saved -- but she could be gone for good (which would also be unexpected).

Fans will have to wait until Thursday, July 26 at 10 p.m. ET on USA Network to find out whether this is really the end of Donna on "Suits."

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