'Suits' episode ‘Normandy’ recap: The women join forces

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'Suits' episode ‘Normandy’ recap: The women join forces

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SUITS -- "Normandy" Episode 215 -- Pictured: David Costabile as Daniel Hardman -- (Photo by: Christos …

The "Suits" episode "Normandy" turns the tide in favor of Pearson and just Pearson, for now. Hardman's (David Costabile) name has finally been removed from the door of what was once Pearson Hardman. Pearson can't do it alone, however. The firm is bleeding money left and right, and needs a quick transfusion of funds. This is where Scotty (Abigail Spencer) -- Harvey's (Gabriel Macht) old frenemy with benefits -- comes in for the rescue.

Jessica approves a full line of fire... for one case

The firm's line of credit is gone. The credit agencies know the firm is bleeding. "Pearson" can't handle all 45 sexual harassment cases against Folsom Foods so Jessica (Gina Torres) approves throwing everything they have back at Hardman (who is fighting for Folsom Foods) for a single case. After many "Star Trek" WWII references (always a favorite on the show for Trekkies), the tactic is compared to "Normandy" in WWII (otherwise known as D-Day).

Scotty shows up for another round

Harvey is furious when he learns that Scotty is back in town and has decided to steal Bakersfield: one of the 45 being fought by "Pearson." Rather than allow Scotty to pray on his weaknesses, he asks Jessica to turn Scotty's arrival into a strength; he wants to join with Scotty's firm to fight all the cases together. Scotty's firm is based in London, which would give "Pearson" full reign over the cases, with a cut of the winnings. Jessica is initially hesitant to share those winnings, until Harvey reminds her that winnings are the whole point. Without any help, "Pearson" will most likely be left with nothing but losses and a closed up shop.

Things become complicated when Harvey and Scotty are unable to avoid their usual trist during work hours. They do their best to turn off work-speak, but their work always seems to get intertwined with their personal relationship. It's too soon to tell whether they will be able to make their dual sex and work relationship result in anything but disaster, but it doesn't look good.

Hardman is a slippery snake

Harvey decides it will be best to start with the most difficult case in Parkville rather than the easiest case in Bakersfield. With the help of Scotty's team, however, they can work all the cases at once to overwhelm Hardman (which is what Harvey really wanted all along). Hardman, thinking he has one up on them, shows up in Parkville to greet Harvey and Scotty when they arrive. He has the advantage of knowing how Harvey thinks.

It's OK though, because Mike (Patrick J. Adams) has Harvey covered. Just before Harvey and Scotty meet with Hardman's Parkville client, Kathleen Mitchell, Mike calls Harvey with information about her situation. It turns out that Mitchell was promoted to a high level position only after Hanley Folsom found out that she was unable to have children. Score one for Harvey, although his delivery was insensitive. Scotty is angered that Harvey never mentioned the new information so she could have helped with the delivery and Harvey's chances of swinging Mitchell to "Pearson's" side of the aisle.

The Katrina conundrum

Katrina (Amanda Schull) is proving to be quite annoying. She is worse than Louis (Rick Hoffman) in some ways, making cruel remarks against Mike and Rachel (Meghan Markle) with what would normally appear to be a sweet smile, but is actually quite evil. At least Louis is outwardly creepy. Katrina is outwardly soft and cuddly, with a cold, slimy interior. She uses her influence as a "fifth year" to make Mike look like a moron, until Mike can no longer stand it. He finally steals her paperwork off the printer to get in the last word with Harvey and Jessica, and to be the hero of the Parkville case.

Louis becomes the noble one

Rachel gets a rejection letter from Harvard. She was so sure she would get in after everything seemed to go perfectly in her interview. When Louis learns that Sheila (Rachael Harris) was responsible for the rejection, he feels responsible. He goes to Sheila in order to right his wrongs, but after another irresistible shagging with the female Louis (who finds his actions "noble"), he learns that Sheila was never influenced by her relationship with him in the first place. Rachel was just one of many top candidates that didn't make the cut. With his new "noble" badge, Louis takes the blame anyway, informing Rachel that it's basically all his fault (because of his relationship with that spiteful Sheila) that she didn't get into Harvard.

The tide turns

"Pearson" is able to turn Mitchell against Hardman and Folsom Foods once Mike produces the documents showing Hanley Folsom's personal correspondence letters, proving that he only promoted her after learning that she could no longer have children. The team finally wipes the smug look off Hardman's face. He looks especially defeated when he turns to leave and notices his name missing from the door. Score two for the home team!

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