'Suits' Episode Recap: Darby Has a 'Conflict of Interest'

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Alliances are broken as quickly as they were forged on the "Suits" episode "Conflict of Interest." One thing is for certain: Either Jessica (Gina Torres) or Darby (Conleth Hill) is turning into the new Hardman. Perhaps they are both more like Hardman than they would care to admit.

Louis and Harvey work together

Louis (Rick Hoffman) had been given Ava's (Michelle Fairley) civil case, but now Ava is being accused of murder. Everyone believes she is guilty until she finally proves her innocence.

The only problem is that Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and Mike (Patrick J. Adams) sat across from Louis and Katrina (Amanda Schull) to work on a game plan for their two cases. Louis wanted to remove Ava from her company in order to save the company (and his case), but Harvey wanted her to stay on in order to save her from prison (and to save his own case).

But that all changes with Ava's innocence. The differences between Harvey and Louis, and between Mike and Katrina are apparent, but their similarities become clear when they all want to fight to keep Ava in the company after learning of her innocence. None of that, however, matters to Jessica.

Jessica wants Ava out, and that becomes final. Harvey is able to use his alliance with Darby to ignore Jessica's wishes for only so long.

Jessica is able to easily fool Louis into believing he is important to her when she says "this conversation never happened," after using him to go around Harvey. But she uses that same phrase when Louis tries to back out after learning of Ava's innocence, and she wants him to take the blame for it.

The conflict of interest

Darby and Harvey are both angered that Jessica used Louis to go around both of them and get Ava removed from her company. The only problem is that Jessica feels entitled to do it, despite the fact that Darby owns more of the firm than she does. It is all due to the fact that Ava is a family friend to Darby, so his meddling in the case is a conflict of interest.

Jessica and Darby have a heated exchange, and they are both in the wrong. They are both manipulative and conniving, and they are both using those qualities against each other. Which new Hardman will win?

Stephen and Donna hook up

One of the best new relationships on the show is the one between Stephen (Max Beesley) and Donna (Sarah Rafferty). Despite the fact that Donna is completely loyal to and answers to Harvey belies the fact that she is every bit the alpha dog that Harvey is. That is what makes the relationship between Harvey and Donna so improbable and interesting, and makes Donna the controller in her relationship with Stephen.

Her need to control her man is exactly why there should never be a romance between Donna and Harvey. They would tear each other to pieces. Stephen, on the other hand, is only temporary. He's based in London, and doesn't much mind being Donna's piece of meat if it means he can have a good time until he leaves.

The thing is, Harvey isn't too happy about Donna's new attitude and sudden absence at times when he needs her most. She is no longer nipping at his heels, which angers him. Is her newfound freedom and realization that Harvey can be sort of a jerk when she's not lapping at his feet going to push her farther away? 

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