‘Suits’ episode ‘Sucker Punch’ recap: Harvey gets ‘Litt Up’

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‘Suits’ episode ‘Sucker Punch’ recap: Harvey gets ‘Litt Up’

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SUITS -- "Sucker Punch" Episode 207 -- Pictured: Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter -- (Photo by: Christos …

It was dump-on-Harvey (Gabriel Macht) day on "Suits" as Travis Tanner (Eric Close) continued his bid to get Harvey disbarred. Jessica (Gina Torres) is Harvey's lawyer, but has not stepped into a courtroom in years so they decide to do a mock trial. It turns out that other people in the firm don't care much for Harvey. The viewers love Harvey because they have the benefit of seeing his true self. The employees at Pearson Hardman, on the other hand, think he's a jerk with no integrity who will do anything to win a case.

Travis Tanner

Tanner begins dump-on-Harvey day when he successfully baits Harvey into a "sucker punch" on camera. Tanner implies that Jessica and Harvey are having a relationship. Harvey should not have fallen for it, but viewers no doubt would have had the same reaction. It would be difficult not to punch that conniving Tanner for the horrible things he was implying about Jessica and her relationship with Harvey.

Louis Litt

Everyone decides that Louis (Rick Hoffman) would be the best person to play Tanner in the mock trial because of his hatred of Harvey. Mike (Patrick J. Adams) convinces Louis to "help" Harvey by reminding him of his hatred for the man, at which point Louis uses his catchphrase: "Somebody wants to get Litt up!"

Things get scary when Louis decides to use a lie detector on Mike to find out what Harvey is hiding. Unfortunately, Louis asks where Mike went to law school. The tension builds as Mike is unable to answer.

Louis thinks Mike is nervous because he's just trying to protect Harvey. Finally, Mike comes out with "I'm proud to say that I have a diploma from Harvard Law." This is true, even though it's a fake diploma. Whew, that was close! Mike predictably ends the test, not wanting to get caught in more lies.

During the mock trial, Louis excels at making Harvey seem dishonest, which hurts Harvey's standing more than it already was with others at the firm. Fortunately, Jessica has his back and saves Harvey from himself by showing that Harvey actually cares about people even though he won't show it for fear of appearing weak.


Although Donna (Sarah Rafferty) is the one to blame for the mess in more ways than one, she faults Harvey for not protecting her. How could he? She betrayed him! Nevertheless, Mike succeeds in using her series of mistakes to guilt her into coming to the mock trial.

Unfortunately, Louis hurts Donna more than Harvey by implying that she hid the document at Harvey's request because she's in love with him. When he continues to ask Donna whether she loves Harvey, she is unable to answer. She finally loses it and storms out, with an even greater disdain for both Harvey and Mike.

Louis blames Harvey for what happened to Donna in the mock trial in a very intense scene in the bathroom of all places. The scene is extremely uncomfortable, fiercely ripping emotion from the viewers. Needless to say, the acting is top notch.


Hardman turns dump-on-Harvey day into dump-on-Jessica day. He somehow coaxes Tanner into a settlement that does not involve Harvey's disbarment so they don't have to go to trial, while pushing for a vote to remove Jessica.

Will the next "Suits" episode, "Rewind," be dump-on-Jessica day? Find out on August 9 at 10 p.m. ET on USA Network.

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