'Suits' Episode 'Unfinished Business' Recap: Mike's Ultimate Loyalty Test

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'Suits' Episode 'Unfinished Business' Recap: Mike's Ultimate Loyalty Test

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SUITS -- "Unfinished Business" Episode 303 -- Pictured: Patrick J. Adams as Mike Ross, Michelle Fairley …

Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) is still fuming over Mike's (Patrick J. Adams) decision to go back to Harvey (Gabriel Macht) after seemingly joining Team Litt on the "Suits" episode "Unfinished Business." It's never good to be on the bad side of the vindictive Louis, but it's worse to be on Harvey's bad side. If Mike plays his cards right, he will have to put up with Louis's childish antics, but will keep a loyal friend in Harvey, who will defend him against the worst attacks.

Harvey turns the case over to Louis

Harvey tries to make nice with Louis by giving him Ava's (Michelle Fairley) case, and admitting that Louis would be better able to handle it. A few more well-placed compliments later, and Harvey and Louis seem to be on good terms.

Ava seems happy about the turnover, because she wants to hire Harvey from the firm to replace her "Number 2." Not so fast. Cameron Dennis (Gary Cole) barges in on their meal to arrest Ava for conspiracy to commit murder. Well, that certainly doesn't sound good!

Darby sends a fixer

Darby (Conleth Hill) sends his "fixer" Stephen (Max Beesley) to fix the situation with Ava, but Harvey will have none of that. Ava has her own ideas for fixing the situation involving the bribing of three witnesses, but Harvey will have none of that either. Ava doesn't like Harvey's unwillingness to break the law for her, so she fires him.

Harvey knows that Ava's knee-jerk reaction will be short-lived, so he continues working the case with Mike's help. Good thing Mike is back on the team, because he comes up with a solution wherein the witnesses sue the firm and settle, rather than being illegally paid off.

Harvey tries to prevent Ava from hiring Stephen to do her dirty work. It turns out that Stephen, despite being willing to bribe witnesses, advised Ava to go back to Harvey because Dennis would catch wind of the bribes and make matters worse.

Stephen also has an ulterior motive: to help Harvey come through with his win, because that's what Darby wants. That also means Darby wants Harvey to take over the firm from Jessica (Gina Torres) as managing partner, because that was the deal Harvey made with Darby in return for winning the case. It looks like Harvey will have his name on the door after all. Will it say Specter Darby or Darby Specter?

The ultimate test

Mike remains loyal to Harvey throughout the episode, despite his feeling that Ava was actually guilty of the murder conspiracy. That is an issue throughout the episode: Ava wants to know Harvey's opinion on the matter, but he refuses to tell her.

The ultimate test of loyalty comes when she asks Mike whether Harvey believes she is guilty. He refuses to answer. When she asks Mike what his own opinion is, he still refuses to answer. Good boy.

Mike passed the loyalty test. After Mike tells Harvey that he believes they are in agreement over Ava's guilt, Harvey pours him a stiff drink, something they have never shared together. Mike thinks it odd to celebrate a win for a guilty person, but fails to realize it is a celebration of Mike's loyalty.

Katrina colludes with Louis

The sneaky and dishonest Katrina (Amanda Schull) takes Louis up on an offer to get payback against Mike on his behalf, so she can have more control at the firm. She records Mike's response when she attempts to wriggle her way onto Harvey's case (again), then clips it into an embarrassing video showing Mike as a baby, calling Harvey his best friend. She then sends it off to everyone in the firm.

Mike creates a retaliation video with Rachel's (Meghan Markle) help, but Harvey tells him not to do it. He has more important things to do than be involved in Katrina's antics.

Instead, Harvey defends Mike by telling Katrina that she's "done" at the firm, meaning she will never amount to anything other than what she is right now. He can't fire her because of the deal he made to hire her, but he can make her life difficult. She's not too worried though, because Louis is very satisfied with the very same antics that made Harvey so angry, and is more than happy to give her all the cases her cold little heart desires.

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