'Suits' episode ‘Zane Vs. Zane’ recap: Warring at Pearson Hardman

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'Suits' episode ‘Zane Vs. Zane’ recap: Warring at Pearson Hardman

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Thursday night's "Suits" episode "Zane vs. Zane" centered on the war between Rachel (Meghan Markle) and her father, Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce). Mr. Zane decides to go up against Pearson Hardman in a sexual harassment case. Not only that, he threatens the firm, knowing full well his own daughter works there. It's OK though; he's just a grumpy old man. Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and the rest of the firm can handle themselves. But can they handle what's to come?

Mr. Zane vs. his daughter

Rachel and her dad have lunch together for her birthday. Unfortunately, her father thinks it's a good time to make all sorts of condescending comments that hint at the fact that Mr. Zane doesn't think his daughter has what it takes to be a lawyer. It would be nice if he would just say what he really feels. He clearly cares about his daughter, but his comments only anger her.

She decides she wants to be on the case against her father. After Mr. Zane's threats, Harvey begins to think it's a good idea and allows Rachel to sit in while Mr. Zane berates their poor client. He basically tells the client that her case is not about sexual harassment. It is about the fact that she is basically a worthless human being. Of course, Rachel feels as if all of his horrible comments are actually directed toward her.

Katrina vs. Louis

Louis (Rick Hoffman) hated Katrina (Amanda Schull) before he met her. Harvey was allowed to hire Katrina, while Louis was forbidden from hiring his favorite associate, which he was entitled to as a new senior partner. He begins trimming his nails with $2,000 nail trimmers in her office, soon inserting himself into her next case. Katrina has no idea who this clown (Louis) is.

She bribes Donna (Sarah Rafferty) with cookies for information about Louis. Next time, Katrina is prepared. She showers Louis with praise and "begs" him to help her with her case. Of course, he falls for it. He's so easy! They continue their war, back and forth, with fairly bad, but hilarious, consequences for them both. Katrina winds up with a hefty fine, and Louis with some time in a jail cell until Katrina finally calls a truce.

Harvey and Jessica vs. Mr. Zane

Mr. Zane is a tough nut to crack. He thinks he can railroad Harvey and Jessica (Gina Torres) but is sorely mistaken. He forces Jessica to choose between merging his company with Pearson Hardman or breaking the case into many individual sexual harassment cases. It's "death by a thousand cuts," as Jessica puts it.

Jessica is no fool. She tells him to go ahead; she won't merge. Mr. Zane calls her the "chess master," but Jessica says it has nothing to do with chess. It's more like dominoes: Pearson Hardman will win the first difficult case, then they'll all drop, one by one. It will cost his side 45 times as much, for each of the 45 cases Pearson Hardman will win.

And the winner is...

Mr. Zane decides to drop the case and finally make up with his daughter. Rachel finally tells her dad that she passed the LSATs with a 172. She's capable after all, but only now decides to prove that fact to her father, as Mike (Patrick J. Adams) had suggested. In this case, Rachel wins.

But Mr. Zane isn't actually finished. He hasn't exactly dropped the case. He has farmed out the case to his old buddy, Daniel Hardman (David Costabile). Ouch. Harvey and Jessica seemed to win, but they actually lost that one in a sense. Perhaps Mr. Zane isn't such a good guy if he's friends with someone like Hardman.

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