‘Suits’ Exclusive Preview: Is Harvey Going Soft on Mike?

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In this exclusive preview from USA Network's "Suits," it looks as if Mike may be in trouble. Viewers know from the Season 1 finale episode "Dog Fight," that Mike's ex-best friend Trevor appears to be on the verge of spilling the beans about Mike's fake Harvard law degree to Jessica.

In the preview, Donna is wondering whether Harvey was too emotional to fire "him." Harvey counters, stating that Donna may not know the full story and that she was too emotional to listen to his full conversation on the subject. The preview hints at the idea that the "him" they are referring to could be Mike. Who else could engender a high level of emotion in both Harvey and Donna?

If Trevor does share Mike's secret, then it's possible that Jessica wants Harvey to fire Mike. Harvey doesn't always do what Jessica wants. In fact, he often does the opposite. In many episodes from Season 1, Harvey went against Jessica's wishes, going as far as threatening to quit and take his clients to a competitor in the "Pilot" episode unless he got back his promotion.

But what if Harvey and Donna are not even talking about Mike? Only time will tell!

Whether or not they are, it is great to see some of the friendly quasi-couple-like banter between Harvey and Donna. Donna was not always present in Season 1, but her scenes were some of the best ever on "Suits." The highlighting of Donna and the bitingly humorous accusations of going soft between Harvey and Donna in the clip are hopefully foreshadowing more of these moments throughout Season 2.

Viewers will just have to wait in anticipation for the Season 2 premiere episode, "She Knows," to find out whether Trevor spilled the beans, whether Jessica wants Harvey to fire Mike, and whether there will be more Donna.

"Suits" airs Thursday night at 10 p.m. ET on USA Network.

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