'Suits': Finally, We Know Who’s Guest Starring on Season 2

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For fans of USA's legal drama "Suits," the wait for new episodes has been excruciating, but with the show set to return this summer, we've finally got news about which familiar faces we can expect to see in Season 2. Some of these actors and actresses are reprising Season 1 roles, while others are playing entirely new characters. Frankly, we couldn't be more excited. Here's the low down on which big stars you can expect to see on "Suits" this summer alongside Gabriel Macht and Patrick J. Adams.

Rachael Harris

You might not know her name, but you've seen Rachael Harris. You've seen her a lot. Usually blonde-haired and sporting a pair of cute glasses, Harris has been seen in "The Hangover," "New Girl," "Reno 911," "Curb Your Enthusiasm," and "For Your Consideration." This talented comedienne is slated to appear in Season 2 of "Suits" as "a representative from Harvard Law whom Louis must dissuade from rescinding law firm Pearson Hardman's recruiting privileges," according to THR. We can't wait to see her signature blend of humor and acerbic wit take Louis down a peg. Is it too much to hope that Louis has a crush on her?

Eric Close

Fans of the show will remember Eric Close from last season when he played attorney Travis Tanner in the episode "Undefeated" and did plenty of witness intimidation. Close will return for Season 2's fourth and seventh episodes (the season runs a total of 16 episodes). Knowing that, the question on every "Suits" fan's mind is this: Will Travis Tanner be involved with one case or two? For our part, we're just happy to see anyone around who is Harvey's intellectual equal.

Margo Martindale

Martindale, who does amazing work on "Justified" as Mags Bennett, is an Emmy winner. That makes us extra excited to see what she'll be up to when she guest stars on "Suits" this summer. She will star in the season's third episode, where she plays a nurse who stands up to Harvey's legal tactics. When Harvey represents a hospital, Martindale's character Nell refuses to back down from a planned nurse's union strike.

"I thought Margo's performance last year as Mags Bennett was utterly riveting," creator Aaron Korsh told EW. "As soon as she was suggested, I jumped all over the idea."

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